This Is What 200 Calories Look Like: Junk vs. Healthy Food

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Start off the year healthier! This is what 200 calories look like in various food categories.
We live in a world where paying attention to your weight or how much you eat is part of your daily routine. Sometimes we can’t help ourselves to look over on what you eat. From taking in our calories to adding more vegetables to our daily diets, there are dozen ways to keep track on your eating habits.
When keeping in mind of eating well, we always have to think of the difference between healthy food and junk food. Does it really matter? When it comes to calories, you will be surprised to see what the difference a cheeseburger could be in calories compared to a salad filled with various vegetables.

Comparing healthy food and junk food seems like a weird concept to do. They are so different, but imagine comparing these foods when counting calories. Let’s take 200 calories and see the amount of food is needed to make 200 calories. From fast food to fruits and veggies, just you wait and see the calorie intake for each food.

In this video, we take various favorite foods and compare them to 200 calories. Take a look at this video to see how many calories are really in a chocolate cake or a single almond. Let us know which foods shock you the most in the comments below!

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Simply__Emily__28 says:

A potato is a starch not a vegetable

Jan Mattsson says:

who gives a shit

chandhan kumar says:

So it's no whiskey at all

Sherry Tran says:


sarah hobson says:

I'm super thin, and was wondering how many calories I eat per day. I'm 14 by the way. For breakfast I eat a bowl of cheerios with milk filling two-thirds of the bowl. For lunch I eat 2 pieces of plain bread (no butter or accessories), one cheesestring, one penguin bar OR kitkat and a bag or space raiders (beef flavour). Fot dinner I usually eat plain noodles (supernoodles), one chopped up cheesetring, some form of meat (chicken or bacon, extra crispy with little to no fat) and a few inches of a cucumber chopped up. I drink one to two small cups of tea during the day (one in the morning, one at night). I have one tea bag, two teaspoons of white sugar and just under a quarter of the cup filled with milk. I don't drink water during the day. What is my calorie count during the day? Is it the right amount?

Julie Kubica says:

I honestly don't care about the calories I eat, but this video makes it seem like calories are bad. Calories=Energy, so the more you move, the more you should eat. (I mean, just look at an avocado)

Tatiana lopes says:

yeaah…. but i am broke

Lilly Rodi says:

I ate a chocolate chip muffin while watching this

indy meendy says:

what abt the carbo food like rice, pasta, etc?

Supa Hot boii says:

The talko how about soup and ramen noodles how much could I eat and what's the most amount of calories I can have a day will it be healthy too

julian cs says:

thumbs up if you dont give a shit about calories!

Karissa Fabi says:

The Taco

Raina Bolduc says:

I don't care how many calories I eat all I care about is how it tastes like besides a eating like that I'll die.

John Runge says:

I also eat cwesants! cwesants are the best. I love cwesants

VanillaDream // Cookieluvsyew says:

Weird, I'm literally eating peanut butter rn while watching and I think I already had 5 tbs..

Torture & Candy says:

"Fatty drinks."

Great way to offend people.

kyo terry says:

show this to michael phelps i want to see his reaction

Steve Remington says:

Here's why bacon is healthy…
Meth is unhealthy and will most likely kill you when you take it.
When you take bacon you have a extremely low chance of dying as you just swallowed it.
Therefore BACON>METH

Onex198 says:

I find this video pretty misleading, its making it sound as if eating more calories = more fat. Calories are a unit of energy that a human body needs and uses they come in forms of fat, carbs and protein. People who have more active lifestyles require more calories. Im not just saying active lifestyle as in "I hit the gym every day and run" more like "I work several hours a day and it involves a lot of physical labor" Those people should NOT be going for a small caloric diet. Coffee with milk and sugar has more calories because sugar is a form of energy itself not because itll make you fat or what not. Itll be sad to see people actually using this as a guide for a diet.

Forever Diana says:

this video made my head hurt..

Iccy Cool says:

I DON'T CARE!!!…as long as I'm healthy I will eat bacon forever and alot

Kimmy B says:

I decide to watch this while eating to cinnamon rolls.

SailorPokeYuna 2.0 says:

Why would anyone just eat 200 Calories?

aajourds says:

Well that didnt help with my eating disorder but was also interesting

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