Another Method to make $600 an hour With Binary Options Trading! A complete Walkthrough:

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Go to to sign up and start earning $600 an hour trading binary options.
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This is a nearly foolproof method of making money, and by managing your risk by buying multiple stocks and never putting all your money all in one place, you can be nearly Guaranteed to make HUGE profits!

This is the recommended method for beginners that professional traders also use. It can be done on any trading platform and multiple trading platforms at the same time. It is recommended to build up your account with this method first before trying the 60 second method.

If you’d like to try out this method for free before depositing money first sign up for free here:

How this works: You’re performing 7 trades at a time every half hour on a mix of 7 different stocks and or currencies. Following the principle that the graph will most likely continue in the same direction it is going, you trade on clear upward or downward trends.

Typically 5 trades out of 7 will be successful thus keeping you in profit.

*The trend must be clearly going up or down. Never trade on a neutral trend.

Each trade you do will give you a 70% – 80% return.


Lets say you decide to start with 7 trades of $100 each with a half hour expiry time like in the above example and video.

So, one winning $100 trade will give you a $170 return.

If you win five out of the seven trades then you will win $850.

$850 – ( Your original investment of $700) = $150 of profit every half hour of trading or $300 an hour.

Typically 5 out of 7 trades will win so your profit could be more. It also could be less. No method can be guaranteed of course but this is the best and least risky method I have discovered thus far. I suggest to start small with seven $5 trades and scale up as you get the hang of it. I would strictly only trade with 5% of my balance per a trade.

There may be a bad day where you will make several losing trades, that is why it is important to follow up with this strict rule of investment:
If you have $100 in your account, each open position should be $5 tops
If you have $200 in your account, each open position should be $10 tops
If you have $500 in your account, each open position should be $25 tops
If you have $1,000 in your account, each open position should be $50 tops
If you have $2,000 in your account, each open position should be $100 tops
If you have $5,000 in your account, each open position should be $250 tops

And so on: each position you open should not represent more than 5% of your capital if you have up to $500 in your account, and up to 10% if you have more than $500 in your account.

Continue reading to find out how to try this method for free.
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fireflie2010 says:

At the beginning why did you increase your investment to 10$ when it seemed the like you were going to lose? Then dropped it back down to 5$ when it was back in the green?

Binary Option Trading says:

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david austin says:

kieth, dave here , does this five decimal strategy work on any platform?

Michael Bole says:

Don't use a bot they don't work. They work for a little while but you will give back all your profits in the long run. I don't know if you ever noticed the advertising for the bots are all the same some trading mastermind put together this automatic trading system by mistake forgot about it came back in 2 month and there account has doubled with out doing a thing Bull Shit if it were true they wouldn't tell us about it and more importantly it wouldn't be free and sitting around trading all day is fun at least it was you that lost/made your money not some dumb bot. Don't be a sucker.

wow stupid says:

is this for real? how is it possible that youtube dont take away this kind of frad atempts?!

iman jabbari says:

No Things is 100% guarantee! ,better be some more Careful

gregg stephens says:

GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. they do not permit US citizens to participate in with this brokerage.. why not?

gregg stephens says:

how long does it take you to receive your funds from Zoom Trader when you request them? I hear some many horror stories how people are not able to get their money when they ask for them.

gregg stephens says:

making $6000+ dollars in one week, how many hours per day do you sit in front of the computer making these trades?

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Fikirye says:

How do I start like abc?

Chriz Pump says:

a cool site for all beginners! there you can trade with 1$ and start with 10$

MrGrannden says:

I made bets as follows
1, 2.5, 5, 12.5, 50 (here you say it 100% acc) then 200. All Lost. So this is not a 100% win strategy. That knowlege and 287,78$ (my bets were in €) less in my account makes a great day

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