Vaccination – to reduce population! (Bill Gates admits)

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Vaccination – to reduce population! (Bill Gates admits)
Bill Gates on GM foods, vaccines and Monsanto Nwo Puppet


German Automobile Technik says:

He is a piece of shit. Monsanto supporter can go pound sand and his GMO's. What money does to people is beyond me. What an arrogant asshole.

TheOneConsciousness Gives rise to all form says:

No one considers that our society itself, the way we produce food, the way we treat the land, the way we cram into overpopulated cities while mono culture agriculture destroys top soil, is actually the cause of many of the terrible diseases we see. Don't eat better, take a weight loss pill, don't change the way we interact with our surrounding environment, get a vaccine and keep our unsustainble ways going. wicked society, when will you wake up?

fissomad says:

Bill Gate reveals the perversion of our system… Which kind of being are those people?

kin wong says:

Murderer!…..shame on him!

Irina Godunko says:

He should be put in isolation into mad house forever! What a freak! What a lier!

Strahd VonZarovich says:

"and now their children are dead today" thats fear mongering 101 nice work you fucking grub, this is the man that makes windows!!! people remember that before believing anything he says.
And the studies with no links to autisum are financed by the imunisaition companies and Gates knows this hes a fucking lying scum bag. Do the research if you dont believe me the proof is out there you just have to read it, and ignore the shils that are paid to attack people that question it.

frank ertolacci says:

hay bill you are still using steve jobe operating system // you become a billionare 50 times over and steve jobs dies a relatively poor man // i am glad you are not my business partner

frank ertolacci says:

Bill Gates just admited to population reduction //// autism is increasing 10 fole in the last 20 years /// start population reduction with bill gates // frank ertolacci

Mark Rayner says:

Chromosomal deletion caused by vaccines cause autism, there are several peer reviewed studies on the subject.. This gates fella is a scumbag..

DisneyTravel(Canada) says:

#CNN_Reports Vaccination – to reduce population! (Bill Gates admits) AvoidingThe Drama and Addressing Facts so WeThePeoples Can Leada More Intelligent life and Transition to a NuWay a EarthFriendly way…

Tyson Baxter says:

Bill Gates, You Sick fucking excuse of a human being.
I hope they inject you with every single fucking vaccine there is to shut your fucking mouth up you evil sick cunt.

The 93 Movement says:

He is SO lying about smallpox. Those who got the vaccine died. Read this:

The 93 Movement says:

Most people have a 'tell' when they are lying and his is very prevalent. He smiles when he lies….watch him…. he smiles a lot.


These people are as evil as they come. Hitlers by another word.

jtopcatz says:

The true axis of evil….

Adam Erin says:

I bet the bastard believes abortion should be legal… a direct method of killing children.

Matthew Harrison says:

Are you guys retarded the reason people have so many children in 3rd world countries is because they die at a young age with a good vaccine distribution would eliminate the need for that many childred and its already been proven that countrys that advance technologicly the birthrate goes down what a fucking suprise so no population growth going down isnt bad

ryan says:

It isn't necessarily the vaccines themselves that will reduce the population growth, it is the indirect effects. Gates is referring, to the best of my knowledge, to the fact that widespread vaccination will (supposedly) save millions of lives, particularly children's lives. It is well known that when the under five mortality rate (U5MR) lowers, mothers choose to have less children and thus the population growth slows. When there is a high mortality rate of children, mothers tend to have more children because of the large risk that many of their children will die before reaching the age of five. Therefore, yes vaccinations will slow the growth rate of the population but not in the way that most people commenting on here believe. I'd also like to add that Mr. Gates said "reducing the population growth", not "reducing the population". Reducing the population growth is a good thing, especially in tropical Africa where, on average, mothers are having five to six children. This rate of growth is simply unsustainable.

Jazzman B says:

like father like son eugenics sick freaks

Piotr Langa says:

I think what bill gates meant to say is mothers will not have to give birth to 5 children becouse 3 of them is gonna surely die from measles anyway.

Sarah Dress says:

Parents who haven't had their child vaccinated with the MMR are killing people!? Dont you think the media would fucking LOVE that shit!? Well its not true, all that comes out of his mouth are fucking lies. Fuck you Bill Gates!

MotherFucking Flying Spaghetti Monster says:

From this comments section I got all the diseases that vaccines prevent

kerfymon says:

all the child deaths are mostly from vitamin a deficiency .. not measles.
funny they act like measles is such a big killer ive had it twice and novaccine lol

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