Measles Explained — Vaccinate or Not?

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Everybody is talking about Measles – but what does the virus actually do in the body? Is it really so harmful that you need a vaccination? We go deep into the body of an infected person and see what Measles does and how the immune system reacts to it!

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Measles Explained — Do You Really Need To Vaccinate?


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Measles Explained — Do You Really Need To Vaccinate?

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Fluoride is bad for your teeth says:

I think there is an issue with the amount of people that died from measles. You've got the wrong info for 2014, in 2014 only 644 cases of measles were reported.

Fluoride is bad for your teeth says:

Why are two of the tags "funny" and "berlin"


Ken Karnes says:

I survived this!     Thank you for this video.

Brandon Ramirez says:

I'm totally going to recommend this channel to my science teacher!

Joe Sʌɪzmɪk says:

Measles was a normal rites of passage illness for children when I was growing up. I had it, my brothers had, all my friends had it. Nobody died or was incapacitated and nobody made a fuss.

If you look at the statistics, mortality rates for measles in the UK went through peaks and troughs, most deaths occurring in the WW2 period and falling and levelling off in the post war years and remaining pretty stable. And remember this is before a vaccination was introduced in 1968 (low uptake until the 80s). It wasn't an issue then (look up the stats if you don't believe me) So why all the noise now regarding herd immunity (bad science) and shaming individuals to get vaccinated. That's for you to decide.

Kead Davidson says:

TARDIS at 1:09

Chris Automato says:

"Our Enemies Are legion!"
"I long for Combat!"

Great now I can only think of my White Blood Cells as Blood-Thirsty Berserkers

Monkey Madness Gaming says:


joanne mccloskey says:

The rest of the immune systems complexity defeats the infections.

The gaming cheddar says:

Ummmmm you have a giant hole in your chest
I will remember that line forever

Rhiann Dennis says:

Please do 1 on chicken pox

key arca says:

my parents don't believe in vaccines. if you didn't need certain vaccines to go to school i probably wouldn't have any.

Quantum's Games says:

This video had me rooting for the immune system like it's in some sort of good vs evil battle in a movie.

Kenny Derpface says:

You made this entire vid sound like WW3 inside a persons body.

Mr. Random says:

Hate to burst every ones bubble but Measles is never going extinct, Like ever. It can spread very quickly and has a lot of animal carriers that can do our job of spreading it better. So yeah… it might be gone in a human population but it will still be there. just waiting

abdizzl says:

so basically the immune system is a game of agario

Jack Sulley says:

First, I love your videos. Second, what editing software do you use because I love the animation style and am considering going into animation myself?

Mega Sonic says:


Stephen Ortiz says:

congratulations on 1 million views. I'm waiting for the HIV video

Ᵽȑɇciƨɇ Ṽiđƶ says:

Sounds like your helping CNN promote vaccination propoganda..

Carl Leo says:

some one show this video to trump … that guys is totally against vaccinations X'D

Alex Athanasiadis says:

dentritic cells are fuckn BADASS

Zeba Koli (Official account) says:

I love how the video was presented! Definitely important to get your children vaccinated and on top of that, this is very educational! :)

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