Interior Design – A Charming Family Home That Mixes Old And New

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Decorator and stylist Nicola Marc shares the story behind the design of her family home. See how she mixes pieces that are both old and new to add charm to the space.

Nicola began her reno by changing the windows in the back of the house to maximize natural light. Adding to the bright and airy feel of the main floor, the walls and floors were kept white – giving her more freedom to play with color and texture in the decor. The open-concept kitchen and dining area features an open oak shelving unit that displays unique tableware and accessories. A lot of the pieces in her home are inherited or antiques, so she painted the older furniture and recovered the chairs with different fabrics for a fresh new look.


C. Lint says:

This is the FIRST home that I have seen on here that has a sense of soul, and isn't just a carbon copy of what everyone else is doing. She did a FANTASTIC job.

oliversweden says:

So beautiful elegant and personal!

Brandee Michelle says:

Loooove the bookshelf and sliding ladder in the kitchen! My house is far too dusty for that, since I live in a desert. Beautiful though

thebet816 says:

Beautiful! Im not a fan of the stark white floors everywhere but otherwise the place is amazing

Louise Matlock says:

Absolutely beautiful!

Chris C says:

beautiful home

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