If Gyms Were Honest – Honest Ads

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Gyms: They’re the only way you can get fit, aside from all the other ways, and the only place you can get juice, aside from lots of others.

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The Wise Wandering Sage says:

join a rock climbing gym their better

MrStifleras says:

that's why i exercise in wii sports

MrStifleras says:

wow, very accurate

malkavian2 says:

I like the gym because it gives me the space I need to do workouts that I don't have at home
I also enjoy the free classes my gym offers, it's just a pain that it's almost impossible to use the place in January because of all the get fit for 2016 folks who vanish after 1-3 weeks (but keep paying for the next 12 months)

aop videos says:

I think you could have made more jokes about the expensive protein powder muscle milk shit that they sell, the TV's and music, and guys comming in who are obviously on steroids.

aop videos says:

Heyyyyy! I was going to go to the gym tomorrow thank you very much! >_<

aop videos says:

wait, yoga was invented in the 1960s?

Jerome Grozen says:

If Liberals were Honest about their Racism…

Adam Bodford says:

I used to weigh 145 lbs. I decided I wanted to put on some muscle. So i bought some dumbbells and started lifting at home. I'm now 210, you don't need a gym to get fit, this is so true.

Willem van Tonder says:

Haha perfect timing. Gyms will be a nightmare from next week!

Rexroybal says:

I love Yoshi, he's handsome!

Senator107 says:

This could have been funnier.

Tim Zabriskie says:

Well I sell gym memberships for a living, and nothing is about this is wrong.

michael brandimarte says:

Isn't that the blue Dino charge power ranger ??

MrIzzy5466 says:

See this is why I do parkour. I dtay fit and dont need this gym crap

Lovi Poekimo says:

The Asian guy's pretty hot.

Isles of Scion says:

Roger is actually pretty fit. What's his secret. Is it…a gym! (I assume it is not a gym)

InnannasRainbow says:

I have been a faithful member of my gym since 2007. Three days a week with very rare exceptions. Yoga has been around before the 60s.

Dan Gambardello says:

I appreciate the approach and sarcasm in this video. And I get it. But I definitely disagree.

People are pretty much never consistent in any membership they pay for. But for people that are serious about changing their lifestyle, the tools and environment are worth it.

Maybe only 10% stick with it. 80% don't have enough self-efficacy to stick with it. And the other 10% write scripts like this for videos like this.

Milsurp Mike says:

Roger is probably one of those old guys who like to hang out in the locker room and loudly talk about politics or sports while naked.

Priest Morrison says:

damn, that was Gangsta

kimberly lynn says:

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Chris D says:

The amount: 10 USD if I lose my physical activities card at my gym. #Localcollegegym4dawin

Musabvlogs says:

Watch our vlogs =)

jScammz101 says:

This is why there are never fitness ads on TV

herschel Barron says:

One million dollars!!

phantasmo9998 says:

This sounds more like a collection of excuses for fat people not to do anything

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