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Here is the COMPLETE INFO:

1. Go to and make an account in order to join, you just have to sign up and it takes minutes.

2. Click on this link to get to the league itself:

3. Here is the password to get into this league: gopackgo

4. Finally, make a team name after joining and remember the important stuff like the draft date, which is Monday, JULY 16TH, the draft time, which is 9:30 P.M. Eastern/8:30 P.M. Central, and stuff of that nature.

THE LEAGUE IS CALLED RealFantasyFanatics, so make sure you are in the correct league and let’s fill this up guys!!!!!!! It’s COMPLETELY FREE and the GRAND PRIZE is a BUFFALO WILD WINGS 25 DOLLAR GIFT CARD!!!!!!!



Wyatt Hunter says:

Do you know how to delete a certain team?

vtdman94 says:

lol, no, not if u werent in this league.

Terrance Dudley says:

quick question, I won 1st place in my fantasy league on … do I get any prizes ?

Awesome97ification says:

hey vtdman94 do you want to join my league? its already drafted. but i need a really good active owner. Please if you want to know the team info let me know. send me your email address if you are interested

STR Sports says:

its called ranger792's league

STR Sports says:

i have fantasy football league on nfl please join

OTooleBoy213 says:

I joined. Blue Devils

Connor Rylatt says:

Noticed you were a Packers fan, had to join your league. joined-Gridiron Gang

Trevor Knapp says:

Joined via CanucksFan91

Trevor Knapp says:

I'm CanadianColts

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