Brian Cox Particle Physics Lecture at CERN

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A lecture on the development of science of the standard model of high energy particle physics given to some of the CERN faculty for a demonstration of how this kind of complex science should be lectured to those with any level of science/physics background from laypeople to experts who want to keep up with current discoveries outside their field.

Professor Brian Cox of Manchester University and contributor to the LHC’s ATLAS and LHCb experiments, is one of the best public educators of physics of our time. He has a huge charisma and character to keep an audience’s attention to fundamental topics in physics, keeping the sense of wonder but always keeping the real core of the subject intact – which is genuinely hard to do as in the process of teaching a subject like physics either the wonder gets sucked out and replaced with dry rhetoric or else the content gets sucked out and replaced with whimsical nonsense – Professor Cox helps create the balance in the same vein as other great popularizers of physics such as Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman.

His talks are always very good and try to include as many people as possible into scientific discovery and the wonders of nature which shape our individual understanding and our civilization into new frontiers.

Any of his tv series, including “Wonders of the Solar System”, and his books including my favorite “The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen”, co-authored by Jeff Forshaw are also must haves for any scientist young or old.


Christo Haz says:

I can't bear to watch this guy after I saw all the laughs he got when making a "woo woo" joke about people who see the deeper implications related to quantum, he just makes me angry to hear him speak anymore.

Eliza Murray says:

this is an excellent lecture

djhbrown says:

of course there's a direct connection between music and science! but it's the disconnection, the switching of the focus of conscious attention, that enables the subconscious to do its own thing and come up with the answer in the morning after a good night's sleep or a scratching of the bow.

Joh Jac says:

Does he understand what he says?

Mark Nelson says:

Great math class material at 35 minutes in :-)

Xentric says:

Great talk. but… Why doesn't the camera pan up to show the slides? Arggggg!

RatedA4Aliens says:

Its weird that they started discussing music and science after a loaded lecture like this, which has nothing to do with this

johnny spencer says:

There is a much more humility in B. Cox than most others rock star. Thinking of Susskind and others big players in the String Theory field.

Mr Grumblebum says:

That audience is hard work, an encouraging murmur or chuckle now and again might have made them look human.

Yellonet says:

Well he does look like a pop/rock artist….

Ernst Madsen says:

Too bad we can't see what he's pointing at.

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