Are perpetual motion machines possible?

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A wheel that spins forever; a bird that never quenches its thirst; a clock that never stops ticking, an endless source of free energy. These are but the dreams of inventors striving to make perpetual motion machines, machines that can work forever without any energy input. Are these machines possible without violating the laws of physics? No.


Unbalanced wheel designed, laser cut and assembled by engineer Kyle Kitzmiller –

Writer: Sophia Chen
Editors: Jabril Ashe and Dianna Cowern
Host: Dianna Cowern

Weather footage: NASA Goddard

Zimara’s Windmill drawing: Burton Lee Potterveld

Cox’s Timepiece drawing – Mr. Cox’s Perpetual Motion, a Prize in the Museum Lottery, single sheet, 225mm. x 174mm., full-page engraving with letterpress on verso, London, 1774. (Ex) Item 4848706

Music: APM and YouTube

Perpetual Motion Machines
Impossible Machines


Glenn Lopez says:

do orbiting satellites count?

trooperJac says:

For the last time NOOOOOOO!

Ian Carlson says:

So, can you make something frictionless? Yes/no. Magnets can cause surfaces to become frictionless (as evidence to the Japanese magnetic monorail system), by hovering an object (as well as radiation, radio waves, etc.) But, problem is, there's still air, which has friction.

DrifterX2J says:

Buy a table lamp powered by a mini satellite
Point the light towards the satellite
Infinite energy


OMGits BigRed says:

my question is: where does the sun get its energy? were learning about energy in school and I was wondering this.

casinogiant says:

Okay so where does gravity draw it's energy from? The bird draws it from heat. heat is produced by the sun. The produces energy using the fusion of atoms. The fusion is only possible by means of gravity, so I ask you again. Where does gravity get it's energy from. Not only is free energy possible, but it would be unfathomable for it not to exist. If it didn't neither would we. Or perhaps you think the energy it took to make human is far more then the amount that has came from, or ever will come from, humans. The conscious mind itself is free energy that we can hardly begin to understand. In order for us to truly understand the nature of the universe we have to now fully understand the properties of light and how it affects everything. From an outside and inside perspective. Free energy is real. Challenge everything to the brink of futility.

Roberts Petersons says:

Can someone answer please….What if there was made Capillary Bown wich would make water fall into bowl again, but while it's faling put a waterwheel or make a turbine out of wich would be powered by gravity while the water flow. Wouldn't that make a Perpetual Motion Machine? If not then why, because there is no friction in the air other than it's self …this idea is bothering me for over a year now, so hopefully someone will give me an answer :)

creeper2 TV says:

ma si cogliona

Logan Coykendall says:

Lookit me, lookit me, lookit me everyone i'm a GIRL!!!! and i do physics

K Fan says:

In the end we cannot live in the beautiful world that is postulated by einstein that is wormholes and portals would exist if there is infinite energy

Pinakly Pinacly says:

tu parles trop

Krystof Dolejsi says:

I'd hit that sugar walls

Critical Ravi says:

Even if you give something a push, and it spins forever, in space for example, it doesn't create energy, but only conserverves the energy it has. So, if you wanted to take energy from it, the machine would stop or slow down.

Streety101101 says:

human impact (with the exception of nuclear weapons) is so fucking minimal on climate change it hardly warrants discussion.

Ephycis Freeze says:

Wait the next power source is the bird! We don't need to power it the sun does. Making a bigger one of those you couls us the motion as power! Why hasn't anyone thought of that?

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