Albert Einstein The Secrets of Quantum Physics BBB Science Full Documentary

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andrew proudfoot says:

I thought he'd made a mistake around 52 to 53 mins as he kept saying if the four results added up came to less than 2 then Einstein was right. The 3rd result was minus .5 something, so adding up comes to less than 2. However if you go back and look at the original formula the third part is -P(a1 b0), so the total does come to greater than 2 (Einstein will ultimately be proved correct though! Soz and all that).

natagaima says:

Amazing documentary, it explains things so clear.

Francisco Salas says:

excellent documentary. After some time an amateur to this topic, I got cleared the quantum entanglement until I see this video. Very well presented, BBC always shines.

Osian Shirley says:

thank you science ainsleigh harriot

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