Wall St. Predict 2016 WORSE Than 2015 as Global Economy Sinks Like Titanic!

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“The Year Nothing Worked: Stocks, Bonds, Cash Go Nowhere – Bloomberg Business”
“Wall Street’s forecast for 2016: Worse than 2015’s – MarketWatch”
“Battered, bruised and jumpy — the whole world is on edge – FT.com”
“J.P. Morgan to Increase Deposit Rates for Some Big Clients in January – WSJ”
“Debt distress level at highest since recession”
“Oil slump weighing on housing markets in Texas, North Dakota – Houston Chronicle”
“Rise of the robot crops | Sunraysia Daily”
“Google is tracking students as it sells more products to schools, privacy advocates warn – The Washington Post”


N Nate says:

Dreadful introduction! Another informative video. Great work! Thank-you.

See Canon says:

Glad that dishwasher quit 6 years ago. Couldn't have Barry wonder why I dehydrate so many bananas (lack of potassium; in 2014 they were $.29 per lb now $.48) or why I buy so many jars of pickles. Laugh David it's completely Orwellian. Happy New Year. Have a pickle on me.

qeynoshills says:

6:28 I don't think Japan has been implementing the 'proper' QE for decades. It's a relatively recent event with Abe coming into power.

terry shead says:

Once again the truth, read the book excellent

electronpower says:

Love your info. Well done again. I wish us 2016 with no world war!

derrik tie says:

hwy i from that shity city el paso we never get mentioned unless it has to do with cartel , illegals taking my job or embezzlement of money…thanks for mentioning my impoverised piece of shit money gps….

Alfred Normandeau says:

When the US dollar will lose the status of the WORLD CURRENCY what will happen with the CANADIAN dollar?

ewmism says:

Do you ever interview others? Would be nice to see you chatting with others in the field…

Gerald Parker says:

What a solid and info-packed video, full of insight and great good sense. Dude, you are one of the Dominion of Canada's finest resourches!

Stephen Lee says:

Change the money system abolish the Central banks cut the thieves loss, the scoundrels have created a complexity that hides the stealing . 2.2 Growth; In the few's pockets, money needs to be put on main street in jobs programs, the nation is crumbling but we are still build sport stadiums for the rich person. Printing money and not getting it into the masses hands creates more of a problem, cash flow is the economy not money printing. But the problem can only be removed one way, remove the private central banks, that is the only way to abolish the problem. What does our government do, they give more power to the federal reserve. The scoundrels were given monetary policy with no government over site . They can print and do as they please, which seems to please them, to rob us BLIND

SpockMcoy Issmart says:

What I've seen in my area, is the towns took the 1st money check from frack drillers. They signed a 99 yr lease for pennies on the land. The towns thought they hit payday for 99 yrs. The town managers start buying things like cop cars, fire trucks, new playgrounds, etc, etc for the town figuring another check comes next month to pay for what they bought. After the 1st check, the drilling is complete; then they CAP the well due to market glut. Towns aren't getting another penny UNTIL the gas flows to market. The town is getting bills for what they bought. Towns essentially sold their land to an out of state company that will lock it down and sit on it until the markets are favorable to pump the gas. May be next year, may be the next decade or 3……

Jay D says:

gold it must be gold … sorry people that's the only way

gogogo says:

All these people who say collapse is coming aren't wrong, they are just giving us early notice so that the people who don't walk around with their head up their arse, can prepare and hopefully save themselves and their families.

CeNTuRiOn33100 says:

One thing I would give the government and federal reserve credit for is they have kept this house of cards going for a long time!

PnaCz 2015 says:

Thnx GPS.

dk keaux says:

I'm glad you enjoy your videos cause I do too!!!

MySocialTV says:

I believe in market cycles too, and metals for a hedge for the indices. I think metals should rise in 2016 when the market start to crash.

TheCoingeek says:

Thanks David for the important update. I couldn't agree with you more. A+ thumbs up.

benjamin beltran says:

you rock… happy new year

The queen of psakidity says:

Since 2008 theres no economy, practically only financial tricks i mean "instruments"

Prostipirugolfo1 says:

Plz. Tell us how the "yuan" is advancing against the other SDR currencies and at what pace is doing it , how is affecting the U.S. dollar (-:

Raven Rock67 says:

For a year now, I've been listening, and it's always the same. " The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling !!!! ". I don't mind you pushing your book. And I can almost overlook your constantly knocking America's problems even though you live in Canada. (We all know Canada has no problems of it's own) BUT…..How about impressing me with a little foresight? And I don't mean something vague like, " a bear market is coming". Your like the guy in the back seat of the car who says "there is a speed bump ahead" right after you pass the sign telling you so. Want to impress me, tell me 10 minutes before I get to the sign.
Oh yeah, one more thing. If you call these vids "jammed packed with information, in a short amount of time", your not doing your viewers any favors. Pick up the pace, show me the proof that backs your opinion, and make your case based on the merits of your facts. You will find your audience can keep up, there is intelligence on the other side of the screen.

helthera2 says:

I think the biggest shock I have received this year us that the system is still going. We need a lot if oil derivatives to blow up all at once and more companies refusing to redeem junk bonds. Getting sick of all the horrible news leading to nothing, we are a world of financial zombies!

Tomas Huerta says:

Central banks cannot stand deflation. Also, the "internet of things" like Smart TVs all innocuously collect all user data and have remote recording, storage protocols for the embedded microphones to enhance the prisoner, I mean user experience.

King David says:

Investors need to get more sophisticated in general imo. Every soccer mom with half a mortgage paid off now thinks that they are real estate masters and enter into the speculation market. This has happened for over 20 years and have driven real estate out of reach from the people that need it. SLow clap ladies, long slow clap.

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