The US Has Zero Grain Reserves As The Global Economy Deteriorates – Episode 744a

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Report date: 8.18.2015

Greece is selling off bits and pieces of its country to the creditors. Greek deposits become eligible for bail-ins. Major retailer going out of business because of decline in sales and revenue. Building permits plunge in NYC as the property tax expires. Atlanta FED recalculates GDP to 1.3 as the auto industry increases production and channel stuffs dealerships. Bail-ins are coming to America and the FDIC will go after depositors. Global growth has slowed according to Moody’s and the US is not prepared for a major crisis, the US has no grain reserves since 2008.

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mountainsandsea says:

Should I stock up on dry beans or canned beans for storage/survival?

Larry Pierre says:

Greece … harbinger of things to come .. here at home in the United States.

muddyriverdogz says:

Get back to work slaves !!!!

Nathan C.S. says:

Drought, famine, pestilence, then war!

ChaoticInflation1 says:

Great report as always Dave. I'm interested to know if there is an UK equivalent of your channel out there? If anyone knows of one please let me know.


MysticWinds001 says:

Well, it could be that the grain was sold, but also it could be that the aquifers that are being drained and the grain and other food sources are being taken down to the tunnel cities to feed the future generations that survive the pending polar shift and incoming celestial bodies that are disrupting the orbits of the solar system. Every 3600 years or so it is stated and recorded throughout history, this has happened, hence the preparations while we are distracted with all the upheaval around the globe. Just sayin'.

dan katla sharpe says:

move to Russia !!!!

Omar Touzani says:

No gold, no grain, no jobs, no silver! Time to get a Chinese citizenship!.

Formulastreet says:

Stop worrying about the lack off food. I'm pretty sure human meet will taste like chicken. Get over it.

Akaoni21 says:

Hey Africa, can we have our grain back? No? Oy vey, what is a goy to do?

Soylent grain hits the market in the US. Eat up goyim, there's more where that came from, heh, that'll be five shek-Dollars, Thankssssssssssss for your businessssssssssss! :D

Dead Betty says:

Dave, did you know that there are two other channels that are uploading your videos? Not your spotlight videos just the X22 report.

kerbar771 says:

so, another  words, Greece is liquidating everything, including peoples assets as they have to live on the streets….

Frank STEIN says:


Sarah Blinman says:

Just wondering what your other food reserves are standing at across the USA.  Here in UK we have about 68 to 70 million people with an average of 2 days worth of food in our warehouses and grain stores so I have heard, however could be wrong, if I am please can someone share the exact food storage across the UK please.

00rphb says:

zero grain reserve?
Then how will the common American be feed in case of disruption in the supply lines?


In the Agean there is trillion"s of $ in Gas and Oil in the ground ready to be used as collateral for future loan"s,not by the Greek Government ,the big Corporation"s benefit and  the Greek People"s future is stolen.

April Gardner says:

If you apply the same rules to US deposits, which were applied to Greek deposits, you will only have $9,000.00 untouched/controlled. All money/deposits over that became fair game for the banks to grab and hold. Business owners who saw this coming wired their utilities payments in advance to avoid shutdowns. Homeowners did the same. If you align real estate sales to age ranges, there is going to be a tremendous impact on Senior developments…Florida…because Social Security pays the bills in those communities and those communities are going to shutdown.

pjpony1234 says:

it's happening here, too. Soros just bought a huge coal mine for pennies on the dollar.

April Gardner says:

Revenue from real estate taxes is continually dropping because of challenges to valuation. This is why there are tremendous shortfalls, too. If we have another bad winter cities will forgo plowing, as was done in Newark, NJ and other communities in NJ. Homeowners should start preparing their comparable sales to have their taxes reduced, Additionally, the IMF wrote in a US Country Paper that the mortgage tax deduction should be gradually reduced to ZERO to make our society more fair. This paper was written while Geithner was in office. Our gov't is going to eliminate the deduction and we will be a nation of renters. We are already on the move there with the foreclosures being held by the gov't/Fed.

April Gardner says:

When you examine the aisles of local supermarkets, you can tell where the collapse of our economy has hit hardest: Baby Formula is locked in plastic boxes or behind the customer service counter. If you have children you should "Prep" first with food for them.

Richard Llewellyn says:

Eat the 1%.

Survivalist2008 says:

The NWO elites moved all the grain reserves into their underground penthouse bunkers.

horsefaceemily says:

The jewish bankers and goverment of the US are going to starve the people out, no grain no water,you cant eat guns thay know this so there not really bothering to get them In thay`l do It this way,dont leave It to late.

simonhhh100 says:

Thank you for your timely report…

jim cameron says:

16 minutes into the 20 minute vid he mentions the headline subject of the vid.  less than a minute later he's off to some other country.  in fact, there will be surplus grains due to economic slowdown in china.  he says America is the last to feel the global collapse.   then the whole world including russia and china must be in a deep depression cuz we're in a death spiral and have been for a long time.  only businesses are starting and thriving while others are failing.  hmm.  sounds like business as usual.  sounds like a regular economy going through constant change up and down in all sectors.  if the number goes up, it must be a false number.  if it goes down, it's a complete collapse.  even a slowdown is a complete collapse.  a one percent decline is a complete collapse.  we can only hope.  and, if it doesn't happen as has been predicted for years, it will finally happen next year.  just as we were told each year for the past how many years?  now we're on the verge of complete collapse in September.  again.  if it doesn't happen, the central banksters are keeping it artificially up.  it's the only answer.  the complete collapse of America that the comments from outside the states say they'll point and laugh.  only dave says everybody else will feel it first.  is he right?  then i'll point and laugh at all of you.  if i'm up to my hips in collapse, you must be up to your ears.  grain reserves?  dave says we don't have it, so go out and buy it.  too late dave.  as usual.  or  that other thing.  you're wrong.  see you in October?

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