Radiation Therapy Treatment Neck Throat Cancer

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This is a video set to music of what happens during a session of radiation therapy for throat cancer.


computerman 1234 says:

hoes your neck get hot or anetthing

reshal singh says:

This is a really fantastic video, well made

bryan vicquery says:

Thats crazy, the camera can see the radiation particles being shot. Nice video, i may be doing this after my chemo treatments 

Kendra Cook says:

For all who want to read his Facebook page, this is the link:   https://www.facebook.com/dontwalkawayfromagoodfight

Kendra Cook says:

Benn, you're amazing.  Helping others with this video during the hardest time in your life to reduce THEIR fears….it says so much about you.  Your Facebook page Don't Walk Away from a Good Fight is the most positive support one with any form of cancer and their family/friends can read. 

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