Meiosis: Where the Sex Starts – Crash Course Biology #13

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Hank gets down to the nitty gritty about meiosis, the special type of cell division that is necessary for sexual reproduction in eukaryotic organisms.

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Table of Contents
1) Homologous Chromosome Pairs 2:10
2) Primary Oocytes 3:30
3) Primary Spermatocytes 3:30
4) Meiosis 2:59
5) Interphase I 4:04
6) Prophase I 4:37
a) Crossover 5:05
b) Recombination 5:05
7) Metaphase I 7:53
8) Anaphase I 8:05
9) Telophase I 8:19
10) Prophase II 8:57
11) Metaphase II 9:23
12) Anaphase II 9:28
13) Telophase II 9:32

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Shannon McKinley says:

Did anyone else think the centrioles totally looked like churros?!

Emma Joyce says:

Ahh, you are so helpful! I go to my lecture and I leave, after having just been told all this, knowing I'm going straight home to watch you! Thank you :)

IDon'tHaveAYouTubeChannel, IJustWantToComment says:

When I first saw Hank, I was like "I've seen him somewhere". Now I've read the comments and OF COURSE HE'S JOHN'S BROTHER!!!

John Ordinario says:

How does meiosis 1 and meiosis 2 differ from each other?

Veronika Ribey says:

its perfect, just talk slower. :)

Kafi Shabbir says:

I understood nothing

Brian Chan says:

very much like John, y'all talk wayyyy too fast.

syazana Ibrahim says:

ohmygawd just found out u guys are brothers hahaha

Emily Marie says:

Props to you for integrating Dr.Who, you're legit what's keeping me studying for my 8am final today for Biology. Thanks for making things easier and amusing. You are the bomb.

Rachel Huang says:

You are a wonderful lecturer!!!! Fantastic! Many thanks and please keep producing high quality videos like this❤️

Sam I says:

its 10pm and I have a biology exam on mitosis and meiosis in a few hours, I don't understand meiosis. I'll update how well this video helped me.

Daisy Campos says:

thank you so much . i learned what my professor couldn't teach me in 12 minutes lol.

Lostie P says:

I asked my teacher for help on this and she blatantly refused, saying I was being lazy and didn't want to find out on my own. I had spent hours studying beforehand with almost no progress. And now, with it in a video, it's suddenly really simple.

Lisa Leung says:

How can the two chromosomes in crossover be from mother and father if they are from one parent's cells? Like if the mother's normal somatic cells are going through meiosis, then how can the homologous pair of chromosomes be from the mother and the father? What.

Chloe Booth says:

Wait what did you say?

kaylee bridgeman says:

bio final tomarrow. Ty !!!!

maggienificent says:

this was a perfect review for my quiz tomorrow, thank you!

SRM 1017 says:

Dem Assassins Creeds Skilss doe! What about CoD??? Or Rainbow Six Siege! Or Battlefield??? Or…….. MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody is better at building in Minecraft that me!
┣▇ SRM1017 ▇▇▇▇▇═─

Elizabeth trost says:

I'm supposed to be able to tell the difference between prophase 1 and prophase two as well as the other ones so they obviously aren't exactly the same

Don't notice me Kohai says:

3:05 creepout factor: max

Tai Chi says:


Ethan esbit says:

this video is giving me the gibes.

Sambhav Ratnakar says:

i have a bio exam tomorrow. revising.

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