HILLARY’S PLEDGE FOR UFO DISCLOSURE: Hillary Clinton Claims She Will “Get to the Bottom” of UFOs

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Hillary Clinton claims she will “Get to the Bottom” of the UFO phenomenon. While this could just be political positioning to get into the main stream, it could also be a testament to the controlling elite, getting ready to actually make the announcement, or publicly preparing for the arrival of “them.”

Hillary UFO Comments




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Jason Cauley says:

She is at the bottom of ufos

Jyphel Ballet says:

Hi think its just a way to promote herself in her hard time near elections. They never be a disclosure by politics cause it will mean they lie to us all candidates did the same. Lies lies always . Bill did same. Dont think fallen has chosen her for that. Desperate spaeak, i ve pity for her and for who think like UFO fanatics its the time of disclosure… GOD bless

Massoyeur says:

I'd like to add how much of a lousy reason it would be to vote someone into office based off of some intrigue about UFOs / 'aliens' rather than based off the desire to have someone improve the country in spite of all the problems the government has achieved through H. Clinton's policies and strategies just having been the Secretary of State. So if she wins, we get our fun-fact of the day as we board a ship to be scuttled.

theo raptis says:

maybe she can get to the bottom of CERN

19zorak says:

The Farce is strong in this one

MWepex says:

This is just Hilary signifying to the hidden powers that she is willing to go forward with the alien deception if they help her get elected.

Stephen Saint says:

Credible? Then why wait? Why not jump on board and call for disclosure from the current democratic administration? So it just sounds like "promises, promises" and I don't think Granny Clinton is very credible considering their record, i.e. the Clinton's.

WJK says:

Hmm… anyone else notice a strange growing sense of urgency, almost as if a proverbial clock is winding down? Sure seems odd there's been so much large scale global destruction in such a short time from such things like the BP Oil Spill, the ongoing Fukushima Leak and now the Major Methane Leak in California and then we have Hillary mentioning (of all things) campaign plans for researching UFO phenomenon… strange days to say the least.

Ziggy LongWay says:

maaaaan ain't no such thing as "aliens" from outer space..ultimate deception!!!!!

CloverdaleLightOrbs says:

She couldn't if she wanted to.BS

Kim Mulinix says:

Am I the only one who remembers the World in 2016 Economist magazine cover? There's a ufo right under Hillary and the full cover has Bill right in front in full colour.

Lee Smith says:

What about Dulce and all the other labs? They probably have cleared out most of area 51 since the whole world knows about it.

jonnyfender7 says:

I GUARENTEE that Hilary will be president 2016

Jack Thorsson says:

I don't think that there are any conspiracy theorists who would believe anything she'd have to say, and the fact that she would even mention Area 51 should tell everyone that she's just blowing smoke up our bums.

Daniel Croteau says:

aliens works with government in secret .to take over humanity

Daniel Vasquez says:

I think she's playind ignorant, she knows already what's going on area 51, she's part of the bilderberg group after all.

Steven Warren says:

Just remember we are all created in his image……The image us……

kerbar771 says:

What if she is a part of this hidden info. It is very easy for her to pretend she doesn't know. If she is a part of it, she can have much to lead many into a whole new thing. Yes, it is an interest for this card for her to play. I agree with you.
Lets see what happens

eritel mja says:

She was briefed by Dr.Steven Greer and said in the meeting that the topic is to dangerous to bring up publically. I wonder why she has changed her opinion. Eventually if she is elected, I don't believe she will dare to open Pandoras box. She will understand that the forces behind is too strong and dangerous, and finally put the investigation aside.

Artr Thormodr says:

All part of the Panspermia agenda. It's the Great Deception, IMHO.

Ana Villa says:

It's already been decided Hilary will win the elections, and I think this is just a way to give her more "credit" and it doesn't seem suspicious when she wins . They will have people believe she won because "the people" wanted it that way but in reality we know it's all a lie. God bless you Gonz thank you for this video keep doing a amazing work for God.

tman dunk says:

There will be NO UFO DISCLOSURE anyways.

Deana Maranto-Dorsey says:

CERN, people.

wmfivethree says:

Putin reportedly is threatening disclosure if we won't do it; the Soviets concluded UFOs were e.t.s, so not surprising. Not to mention Medveyev's statement that e.t.s live among us and are tracked, later passed off in western but not Russian media as a "joke". As for Carter, Bush Sr. as D.I.C. told him "That information is provided on a need to know basis, and curiosity on the part of the President does not represent a 'need to know'."

kroikye says:

Well the Demons ( or as they call them Aliens ) will come and seal the New World Order, Just like Ronald Reagan fantasized. " Wouldnt our differences fall aside so easily…" And an Alien visit would also Disprove Christianity for 95 % of the Worlds population, God bless.

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