What nicotine stength E-juice do I need?

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Here’s some guidance on choosing the nicotine strength of e-juice so it’s the same as the nicotine you’re getting off your pack of tobacco/cigarettes.

Based on an Aspire Nautilus) If you’re just starting vaping to quit cigs then I would guess (based on my own experience) you would consume around 1ml of juice a day for the first few days until you get used to it. After that it will slowly raise. In order to get the same nicotine ‘hit’ from this scenario you would need 18mg strength e-juice, that would give you the same nicotine as a pack of B & H a day.
Of course as the volume of juice increases over time you will also be getting extra nicotine with it so once you see your liquid usage going up you need to then lower the nicotine strength to match so you’re not overdosing. The aim is to quit smoking (the addiction to nicotine) so taking a step down in strength early is a good thing

Things that will affect the amount of juice you use include the coil being used (in the tank), the wattage/voltage you have it set at (higher = more juice used) and whether or not you are having a crafty fag in between! The info above is based on a ‘standard’ type of tank, if you use a dripping atomizer RDA then the amount of liquid used will increase dramatically so use a low nicotine strength for RDA’s (which are not recommended for beginners anyway)

Information below was gleaned from the net

I’m sorry but I can’t figure out how to format this better, youtube is stripping out the formatting and squashing it all together. You can of course just find the relevant page in the video and pause it.

Let me know if you know how I can put a table here instead of this mess.

Here’s a link to the xls file on my onedrive


BRAND mg of Nicotine PER cig
B & H GOLD 0.9
B & H SILVER 0.7

B & H GOLD 18


BRAND 8mg 12mg 18mg 24mg

MARLBORO 3 2 1.33 1
CAMEL KS 3.5 2.33 1.55 1.16
B & H GOLD 2.25 1.5 1 0.75
B & H SILVER 1.75 1.16 0.77 0.58
SUPERKINGS 2.5 1.66 1.1 0.83
SILK CUT 0.75 0.5 0.33 0.25
MARL LIGHT 1.25 0.83 0.55 0.42 @.4g
GOLDEN 5 3.33 2.2 1.66 @.4g

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Viking Curran says:

more tobake in the paki

SullysNQ says:

Thank you for the info, I was wondering how much I was vaping compared to how much I smoked. Big help

mattgamma9 says:

Great info and well thought out, I'm only vaping a 1ml a day, started on 12mg and wasn't enough to get me of cigs. I smoke 12.5g of amberleaf a day. So have upped my nic strength to 36mg which does seem high, but i was reading a study about absorption rates and it seems that you don't get nearly as much nicotine from vaping. There figures suggest you would need to pretty much double it to get the same amounts of nicotine as smoking.
The EU is planning on limiting the strength of ejuice to 20mg which could be woefully inadequate to get people of cigs.

Tel Kirton says:

Great info thank you

Chis Tait says:

you dont get as much nic from vaper as you do from smoking a cig tho!!! i smoked 12.5g of amber leaf a weef and needed 3ml of 18mg a day to keep me happy!

andrew fuentes says:

my nic game is 4mg

Andari Voom says:

nice vid bruh

yungcm2cold says:

the intro lmao

Mick Petrak says:

what a load of hogwash
MG in cigarettes is the tar reading, not the nicotine.
tobacco leaves all have around about the same amounts of nic

☠MrHairyNutz☠ says:

1:00 "when you're gagging for a cig" but i heard brits say "fag" instead of cig hehe – Can you imagine if he said that instead, so funny:-)

Maddie says:

Well shit thankyou for this video!, I have been smoking Amberleaf 12.5g pouch for about a year now (never smoked before that, and one pouch would last me 1 week) My friend gave me his vape because I wanted to wean off. I was using 2x 1.6ml of 24mg. The shaking and nausea is what made me hunt out information. Clearly to much for me and I didn't even have a clue. So thank you very much for this easy to understand information. (also going cold turkey, as from right now :P)

Warcraft1989 says:

Believe nicotine addiction falls down to is if you have a addictive personality are not and not everyone becomes addicted to nicotine. Myself and another family member can smoke for a year (a pack a day) and then just quit and not bother to smoke for a additional 2 years and never experienced withdrawal symptoms and its a take it are leave it kinda thing.

Stephen Mills says:

hi thanks for your vid's explaining everything this has to be the best information I have found being new to vaping two week's now without a roly really hooked on vaping and realy enjoy the clear way you explain thing A1

homebrewman231 says:

I used the vuse for a few weeks, im a non smoker BTW and now I got a better machine and e juice. it really doesn't do it for me at all. I take 4 huge clouds and don't get the feeling from one from the vuse hit. the vuse is 4.8 percent nic. I tried 6mg juice and now 18 mg. same problem…

misty silver says:

Iv tried looking for the nicotine strength on my rolly backy Amber Leaf cudnt find it on the pack I normally get through a pack of 12.5g in 2-3 days and 18mg nicotine is helping my craving abit but I am new to this vaping my starter kit contained the 18mg with it what strength do you think I need? my ecig broke after 2days 🙁 lucky I got some spares but using them atmo with flavoured 0mg doesn't do much tho fr my cravings to just take mildness off me  throat frm 18mg what do you surgest ? and haha ya live further up north sheffield way an hour from me…. :)

Kingtoneable says:

I could be wrong but a cigarette contains example 18mg per stick not per pack in liquid it is measured 18mg per bottle & 1.8mg per millimeter of juice that's the info all the e juice vendors have been given me so one 5mil tank would equal 9mg nicotine is that case it explains why i vape almost 10mill liquid a day & sometimes still have a cigarette at night because I'm still craving the nicotine I'm not getting but like I said i could be wrong this info is what 5 different vendors have given me.

Rudi Yang says:

Hi,..i'm from Jakarta indonesia, thx for sharing this,. i vape around 5ml – 7,5ml a day on 6mg nic, the 2,5ml part is 0 mg nic.. i watched almost all of your video it's really enlightening and very grateful for that, but i wonder if you could use good mic for your sound be clearer, not a big deal of course, just nice to be able to hear more clearly because my english on listening part not so good.. thanks again les.. hi from jakarta..

Kasper Mølgaard says:

but it depends how you vape it…. on a tank or dripping

john “southwest” schultz says:

Great explanation on this topic thank you so much i understand now

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