Viruses: Virus Replication and The Mysterious Common Cold

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Join us as we explain virus structure, the lytic cycle, and the lysogenic cycle! Music Credit: Adrian Holovaty, OverClocked ReMix ( Check out our FREE video handouts on!

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Taro Wood says:

Holy crap I'm in bio 11 and this saved my life

Alex Reyes says:

dear amoeba sisters can you guys make a video on what can harm the brain

Tim Moore says:

I think this video can help anyone who wants to know more about herpes or other similar viruses

HypixelserverJoinThem! says:

uhhhhh il say illumonati

yasmin alnassar says:

wow this video made me understand even more good job

Ryan Gettelfinger says:

Not cool viruses, not cool

daniel alayande says:

I'm here from Mrs fuller class @Lowery

Bianca VanValkenburg says:

Spreading unconditional love. Website Help for homeless, addicts, hopeless, ect. Also hope you will go to our membership page at top of our website.

Bogna Haddad says:

Dear Amoeba Sisters,

Your videos are awesome! But I do want you guys to verify that RNA viruses come in many types, they are NOT all retroviruses. Some RNA viruses are retroviruses (ex. HIV). Others are just plain RNA viruses, like influenza. You need to correct your narration.

Donovan Andrade says:

wait wtf am i watching for intagrated science tf

nanette navidad says:

viruses are like bulbs

Christine Edwards says:

This is so helpful!!! Thank you!

Sam Nonya says:

Lytic-A person with a short temper 
Lyso-Takes his time planning the revenge.

Mary The animatronic cat says:

A video about Butterfly life cycle??? :)

tresjolie 630 says:

Dear Amoeba Sisters,
can you make some videos on Mutations and Baby Development?
Thanx ^__^

MegaMissfitz says:

Morning sweet cheeks! Guess what im comming down with !!! 

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