Very Funny Pepsi Commercial

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It’s a very funny Pepsi commercial with Chinese Monks.


Tim-J.Swan says:

Wow. Disrespect much? And high fructose corn syrup is a chronic poison. Try getting them to put that on the can.

ikan kering says:

Lol im watching this on late dec

PaksHamster AJ says:


Nakai Keigo says:


Thịnh Điêu says:

lol, he look like John Cena , is that him? xD

Mr. Legitt says:

Still a better love story than twolight

Mad hatter says:

Don't try this at home

Kaitlyn R says:

The only funny part is that this has more emotional depth than the live-action avatar the last airbender movie. Makes me sad.

Kris says:

Saitama be like

Mary Dirksen says:

Wait what?!

John Walker says:

Am i the only one who still drinking pepsi in 2015

‫תומר שאשא‬‎ says:

Who's watching this in 2016?

Seekei Tham says:

I'm 8

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