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My Book Design Portfolio / Graphic design portfolio 2015




Goodbye to Berlin blog post:

Lolita video:

Book design playlist:

Music: Prelude to J.S. Bach’s Cello Suite I in G, performed by Holly Dunn



Everything Else:


Bookish Tendencies says:

Would love to see your take on a poster/cover for Vieginia Woolf's 'A rom of ones own'

Andrew Herndon says:

Wonderful work!

FinallyImKath says:

Hi! New subscriber here, loving your videos so far. =D Now, I have found exactly the same problem that you mention about covers for Katherine Mansfield works and I looooooooove your design! I would jump on it on a heartbeat if I saw it at the bookshop. Best Katherine Mansfield cover design I've seen so far!

Lily Meade says:

Wow, that Katherine cover is breathtaking! Top of the line beautiful, really. You are really talented.

Books Covered says:

Great work Holly

Nam Bùi Đức says:

Hello my idol !!!
i love you so much…
here is my little opinion about your portfolio:it look clean and great. The problem is that when i clicked on your "link to behance", it open your behance's portfolio in the same tab. I suggest that you should change the link to be opened in a new tab.
The task is so easy.
your link:
<a href="">Behance</a>
my suggest is:
<a href="" target="_blank">Behance</a>

Try it out ~.~ !!!
You are my idol, teacher !!!
Someday i will be like you, or something more 😀 Thanks.

books under the bed says:

Oh my. I love love love the Katherine Mansfield cover design. What I would give to have that on my shelf.

Mac T says:

Quite talented, you are. I find myself biased towards books with beautiful covers.

Moz'ART Designs says:

Sooo you take books you like and redesign the covers? That's very creative!

Gauri Nair says:

Beautiful x I never knew book covers take this much thought and work. I am thinking of pursuing Graphic Design as my college major and i'm wondering if I should and what universities to go to. Please reply xox

Pink Gadgets says:

This was AWESOME!!! Hope your applications find this video and good luck with the hunt!!

luther luther says:

Loved all of them favorite is the lighthouse one

Annie Miller says:

I absolutely adore your work! So versatile, and very considerate of the book itself!
I love how you explain the finished results!

Hannah Sham says:

I am very impressed. I am a graphic design student NOW and i love the way u work and frpm what i see we have the same taste i guess

Pawel Tracz says:


leanne short says:

Hi I love your book designs could you tell me what software you use and how much it costs please.

Chrestomancee says:

I really love the idea of taking a relatively unattractive book and turning it into something beautiful. I would love to do that with some of my books! Do you know of any tutorials that could help me with that? (I'm thinking less about the design process and more about how to structure the jacket and make it fit the book)
It could also be a nice idea for you to try on your channel =)

ellabooray says:

I just adore the Katherine Mansfield desgin

Bailee Walsh says:

I don't know how much you are into film but do movie posters and/or release covers interest you at all (either in general or with something you want to design)?
There's this distribution company that's here in America called The Criterion Collection and well a couple of things it says on all of their releases to describe what it is is: "a continuing series of important classic and contemporary films" and "The Criterion Collection is dedicated to gathering the greatest films from around the world and publishing them in editions of the highest technical quality, with supplemental features that enhance the appreciation of the art of film." Anyway, a majority of the covers for their releases are done by artists and graphic design artists and some of them are just so amazing! You should definitely check them out, even if it's just to look at some of the artwork! A few of my favorite covers are for Belle De Jour, The Royal Tenenbaums, L'avventura, Persona, Jules and Jim, Master of the House, Close-Up, Monsieur Verdoux, The Vanishing, and On The Waterfront. They have some film adaptations of books too like Howard's End, Lord of the Flies, A Room With A View (I love that cover), The French Lieutenant's Woman, and Picnic at Hanging Rock (and more). Their website is

WoolfsWhistle says:

You're a very talented person! I'm pretty sure that somebody out there is looking for you and your beautiful designs <3 You have a lot of stellar ideas. Are you only interested in publishing industry?

I'm in love with "To the Ligthhouse" one, and with "Lolita" one of course – appreciate me some minimalism. Also the New Zealand collection seems very warm, special and I want to say intimate – the color scheme is consistent, it looks nice to the eye. I've seen the Catherine Mansfield one on your Instagram and found it vibrant and lovely and definitely very New Zealand-y. The back is to die for. You're so good with patterns!

Reads and Daydreams says:

Holly, I'm so late getting to this video, but I absolutely love all of these! Especially like the simplicity and cleverness of the Woolf and Isherwood :D

Reading Rainbow-Hair says:

We can't actually buy of these covers, can we? :(

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