Madam Virus – Nigerian Nollywood Movies

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Becky Combsi says:

can't under stand how there talking

Shelly Williams says:

I couldn't understand James majority of the time.

nice guy says:

Please nollywood upload this movie for me the invasion 1897 of Benin

Mamadou Konate says:

Merci beaucoup 

Cremo says:


Laryah Guiseppi says:

I feel like doing itnow

John Friday says:

Steven 07038607920

John Friday says:

Steven 07038607920

‫كرمووش القرشي‬‎ says:

قل أعوذ برب الناس

Sunday Sunday says:

nigeran sixal lady

Dgd Cjxg says:


Florence Semighan says:

Nice pt2 please

ifeoma kalu says:

Am an artist….. ok…show me wetin you draw….lol

Mike Turner says:

Low budget movies gets better and better

‫عبد الله المالكي‬‎ says:

Dammm them Africa chicks tho…… Smh

Ousman Kembo says:

stopido boy house

Jeetu Singh says:


Verty Verty says:

Nice one

Maryaaam Mm says:

maryaam mm

Enyinnaya Victor says:

the part 2 please


James can kill oh

E Louis says:

lol nice movie


wow.. she continued to cook, no washing up… i bet it wasn't even clean from the beginning. Damn! Virus? she has one for sure

Christopher Barksdale says:

I enjoyed this movie hated the way they beat James but i know its a class thing in Nigeria just wish rich Nigerians come here to USA they get a taste of their own medicine 99% of rich whites here dislike all dark skin people the other 1% well as Elvis said african looking people only good to shine his shoes

tribefenatic says:

This woman makes me sick! having sex with the gate man? its heavily not allowed where i come from

Abidi Jatta says:

I really like this movie


i lke this movie i need part two

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