Funniest Banned Commercials

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Funniest Banned Commercials
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Tyler Fox says:

half of these aren't even banned starting with the dorritos one

Данил Косиков says:

Я ничё не понял

thenumber says:

that cougar one killed me!

Eric Russu says:

The axe one isn't realistic the guy would have only remembers about 2 of those names. We usually forget

papanazi says:

I didn't know Tobey Maquire was in a doritos commercial

Ryan Knight says:

aww I like enya though

White Throne says:


Deathstriker56 says:

The tires one

Balty Gomez says:

The axe commercial was hilerious

Lauren Zdunczyk says:

The Cougar one was hilarious!!!!!!!

Lauren Zdunczyk says:

How come the tire changing one was banned? Because she fell off the bridge? WHAT!!!

Bread “Such wow” Cat says:

Ohmigosh the first one..

Zachary Nelson (THE EPIC TROLL) says:

I can't figure out why the pillow fighting one was banned

whatever alex says:

ive seen the last one on tv

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