Universe or Multiverse – Quantum Physics – Documentary

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sonic jet says:


State Tesla says:

I hope universes size was not infinite

Walter DeLong says:

The opposite of nothing is infinity so I think what is going on is a balancing of this equation so to speak. Nothing created infinity perhaps. What it does is to actualize every permutation of change whatsoever, creating the multiverses and such. I am not sure even an infinity of universes can exhaust every permutation of change and cannot imagine what every permutation of all change even is when it is actualized. Yet I like this slightly more mystical notion better because it is philosophically sound. Also I believe in efficient change where all unique permutations are only actualized once, so I do not believe is exactly repeating universes.

josh outrim says:

what happens if the two universes collide, that means some where in our universe would be connected to the other, is this a worm hole? Or a black hole?

bennevisplace says:

String Theory: string together the words MAY, MAYBE and MIGHT with a lot of fancy graphics

David Tharckabaw says:

Where does space end? It may not be relevant to ask, because it is not necessary to be included it in our calculations yet.

Petter Yoyo says:


Marino vucko says:

you should listen to my theories when I get drunk…this one is a little baby than

Winson Hui says:

The biggest problem with string theory is the random assumption that particles are vibrating string of energy. If this assumption is false (and it is most likely according to most of the scientists), string theory becomes just a branch of maths not physics.

K. Yip says:


Fidel Santos says:

if our own universe really started from a quantum particle…then all weird things are possible…

Shirley Haver sham says:

Could we please have lectures and documentaries that do not operate on the grade school level.

Sukha Singh says:

Guru Nanak's theory is also "A thousand of planets beyond this. A thousand of universe amongst us. Scientist will be weary in discussing about it all," in the year late 1460's was his theory. (I say theory but it's actually in a prayer, Japji Sahib). BUT look at the year! BEFORE USA came to. USA came beginning of 18th Century I believe. So today, people are proving a theory of a man from India, who was in end of 1400 to early 1500!!! THANK YOU SCIENCE!

Stefano EPIC NEW Channel AND TEAM EPIC says:

This might sound stupid, but I have a theory that your eyes turn upside down when you close them. the evidence is when I push my thumb into my eyelids they went in reverse. When I  put my thumb up on the top of my eylide inted of moeing up it was instead of the black shadow going up I saw it go down

Cup of tea ,of ENGLAND -UK-BE PROUD says:

The simpson lisas science project nails this

Franjo Posilović says:

Hey, this guy looks like Data from Star Trek!

Marcela K. Preininger says:

It should be noted that not all multiverse theories are covered here. There are several lines of reasoning that independently arrive at the multiverse conclusion. Greene features inflationary and M-theory, but another popular version is the many-words theory of QM credited to Hugh Everett and, to a lesser extent, Bryce DeWitt.

Rob J.D. says:

I cant stand Brian Greene, I'm not a six year old.

carlos carrion says:

So, could it be alot of multiverse??

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