Reproductive Systems and the Menstrual Cycle (IB Biology)

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Reproductive Systems and the Menstrual Cycle IB Biology


Le Duke says:

you sir, are awesome. So funny yet so informative, really helps get the info sealed in my head. thank you so much ahahhah

Filmeurs. says:

Mushroom, they reproduce: what's the point? To feed my… pizza?…hunger? huh?

Pratyush Kothiyal says:

I just came across this studying for my reproduction test tomorrow and I actually found it quite funny! Thanks for the helpful explanations as well!

sanket jain says:

this explanation is so much better than what my teacher told us in school. i am much more confident because of you now. THANKS!!!!!

Bliss Rose says:

I literally would not be passing biology if it wasn't for you. THANK YOU SO MUCH. When I pass my HL exam I will surely send you some fan mail!

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