Dr. Kent Hovind – National Geographic Biology Textbook (2014 edition) – Answering the Critics

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David Davis says:

Thank you Dr. Kent Hovind for telling these trolls, evolutionist and atheist to put up or Shut Up, God will have the last Comment in the end anyhow, so keep telling it like it is. We need more great teachers/sciencemen that know what they are talking about like yourself that are willing to Get out there and tell the Truth, because Truth will always win in the end.

Jack Martin says:

I don't think Kent understands the difference between convergent evolution and divergent evolution.

bhumanecate says:

I do like, however, when you show pages from new books and talk about what is in them.

bhumanecate says:

Kent, I love you, but I have a suggestion: How about start doing some broadcasts on your end times material instead of "answering the critics"……just my thought. Whatever you choose to do, I will still watch. Although, I am a few days behind now due to my work schedule.

Earthling THX-1138-4EB says:

School books are such a waste of time & paper.
They could ALL be digital nowadays. But there's more money to be made, if every child needs an out-dated 70$ book to even attend. What a joke. Thank God I'm out of school. It's a massive game to some people.
Kids, at school, use your phones for books, not facebook, etc.

Dog Serious says:

I love the way Hovind uses outright logic to destroy ridiculous evolutionary lies.
And the way he powns atheist and satanist retards, who cannot use their brains for much else than worthless witless drivel.
And to think! I once thought scientists were the smartest, but, it turns out they are among the dumbest to believe such ridiculous lies, without a shred of evidence.
Then they ignore real evidence by people like Ron Wyatt, say lies about him, and dismiss his finds from the other side of the world, without even visiting them to get real testable evidence thats littered among some sites he found.

parisreidhead says:

in Choir they say no dairy before singing
coffee equals coughing:)
luv ya
even tho you are a chicken eating baptist;)
bless you and ministry!
yes I mean that:)
be strong in The Lord and in the power of His might!

Steven Parisi says:

Hello Kent Hovind. Maybe you should learn to cough like a smoker. You got to put your whole body into it and then spit the flem out into a spittoon. Just kidding. Kent Hovind is the best.

Queleimporta Pene says:

Questions for my religion course:

1. Is god an all-knowing being?
2. Does god knows the future?
3. Has god always known the future?
4. If god can't see the future, can he at least predict some of the possible outcomes of nature?
5. How immense is the power of god compared the the human in forecasting scenarios?

I hope to find answers to these questions, thank you.

Reasond Sceptic says:

Perhaps not a lie but your wave harmonics thing would need the seabed to be completely flat- no hills ridges valleys from the pre flood earth- so was the earth completely flat then so hills no rivers nothing on the seabed to disrupt wave harmony not even dead forests . . . Bit hard given you have erupting fountains ice canopies falling etc and then fissures etc all formed in your flood. All current Mountains were formed in your flood weren't they? Why Then are then sedimentary rocks on top of igneous rock layers on mt everest? Your explanations please? Sedimentary rock has a different crystalline make up to river ocean or flood sediments-Geology 101. To form crystals within the sediments (silica dolomites etc) requires a lot longer than 4400 years.
Your 12 months flood would not form sedimentary rocks. Very easy to prove. Take your layers place under 30atm pressure for 12 months then dry out and see what you have. Clay. Not one sedimentary rock. A year 1 uni geology experiment.

jon charles says:

wings for flogging lol…… go to cnet.com type  avast in the search box  get avast  anti virus free install with google chrome and install and activate pop up blockers …

charlesvbassett says:

Weather forecast….Chance of scattered light during the morning hours

ssleidl says:

I like Kent's argument re-creation liken to finding a painting or a pen out in the woods. These are good examples, however, what's even MORE AMAZING is that they are not living objects like we find in nature such as plants, animals, water, and man…all working in a "living" delicate echo system.

2xtream says:

Kent in all honesty I believe you should excuse yourself from all "Flat Earth" questions – Until – You actually do the research on the topic. The Reason I say this is, the science the "government" has been teaching is in-fact flawed science, much like the teaching of Darwin's theories are taught as fact. Those of us who have found these flaws have been talking about our findings. These things on Face Value do sound crazy – I agree – we all agree they sound crazy. However none the less, just as Darwin's bad conclusions are taught as truth, the governments model of Sphere or Globe shows many flaws that "IF" you actually did some research as "WE" have done you would also see the flaws. This maybe the hardiest discovery – research – your faced with, Why? Because all your study for your entire life (earth science) has hopped all around the topic "assuming" a sphere was real without ever stopping and looking at the elephant in the room, the globe… Cheers -

2xtream says:

Kent you need to install "active" anti-virus and spyware/malware programs on your system to help stop the attacks on your browsers. You seem to be inundated by Browser problems. This will go away about 99% if you install them.

#1: Browser Malware/Spyware program/s
#2: Stop using a PC and buy an Apple problem solved

Cheers -

TonkTheStonk says:

Hey Hannah, let through some thorny questions. The truth does not need paranoid protection;-)

Fix-IP says:

ill fix you pc if you call me or mail me.

mike p says:

WHO CARES!! all your garbage talk will it prevent 20 million deaths from drugs & alc. or countless abortions, or starving children, or anything of importance! why wast time with garbage talk like this lets all pray . it seems you all just want to be rood to each other i do not need to look at your crap i have better things to do as stated above . i can not see how it makes you all feel better just to tare other people down try building someone up.& like Kent eat the meat spit out the bones or dont just do what you want just know God is real & you will be held accountable for what you do & do not do! & all it takes for evil to thrive is for Gods people to do nothing
2 Chronicles 7:14King James Version (KJV)

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (before it is to late)
thank you & God bless, mike.you all just want to make trouble good luck & God bless

bluesingincat says:

Dr. Hovind, you must be doing something right, because atheists flock to your channel to hurl insults. Keep up the good work!!!

bluesingincat says:

I can no longer find you on Facebook?!

Rhonda Blair says:

Dr. Hovind, your Facebook pages are gone. Do you know why?

TonkTheStonk says:

Do you really believe that the power of miracles is shut up? Where in the KJV does it imply that? You sir make blanket statements on a regular basis. Please stick to Charlie's lies my brother. It seems you have a limited range of expertise not unlike the rest of us.I've asked many questions from the very start of your release, not one gets through & past Hannah the shield.
Here's a new question, did Yeshua at any time tell us that Yom means 24hrs? How do you get 24hrs when there is no sun or moon, even if there was a sun or moon; where does it say 24hrs is the exact period for a Yom? U use speculation. When does Yeshua berate a person about time? If He does not then why can you? Are you privy to the exact moment & determination of hours? Miracles continue until this very day bud, why don't you heal everyone in hospital if you are true. I prayed and my nephew was healed, the Dr's said he'd be a veg but he awoke fine 1 day after my prayer. You're wrong Kent miracles happen daily.

Patrick Parker says:

Whats happening  with the volume , second time in a row now  very annoying

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