Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief Full Lecture

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Myrna Reid says:

I love Bruce Lipton!! He is a genius!! Explains this so well!! I first read his book and was amazed !! Why don't religions listen to this!!!??? They would be so much better off!! Young people need to hear this in order to understand fully!!Thank you Bruce Lipton….thank you God!!

Juni Kim says:

Dr. Lipton recommends Psych-K to reprogram your subconscious mind. It takes only 2 ~ 5 minutes to reprogram your mind. You can learn the technique from a YouTube video – Rob Williams The Psychology of Change Bruce Lipton Part 2 of 2. Go watch it before it gets deleted. Happy Holidays to all!

The 93 Movement says:

I do blame the medical doctor. Doctors buy into the con, they buy into big pharma and don't research truth. They don't grow a set of stones, or have true compassion for people, to heal. Many doctors go into medicine for the money. I've experienced many , and I mean many shitty doctors, who should NOT be practicing medicine. They do harm….not good. It has taken me over 20 years of bullshit with doctors to finally after 2 years to finally make up my mind and heal myself. I'm healing myself and I have done for myself more than any doctor has done for me. Yeah…. internet.

irene olanda says:

why dr Lipton no give space for any question?
I hear someone tryng do it, but he doesnt stop to hear her.
I like him explanation, but he should let people ask question.

liennara dzhakhanhirova says:

what about beta thalassemia for monthly transfusion dependend ?

Júlian Cassimiro says:

A must watch lecture about science, thoughts and beliefs.

Carlos Sena says:

Mainstream this Please… the tornado example was perfect!
I saw others talks but couldn't understand.

Timothy McNulty says:

this would be much more credible if Mr Lipton was not 30 or 40 pounds over weight / So you can control DNA and Rna but he can not even control his fork to mouth ratio to keep his weight in control ? Just saying lets change the things we can control before we waste time on the questionable science of what might be.

Sherri Mack says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I wish every human was required to watch & take notes, & be tested on this life-changing material.!

pete stormer says:

please heal yourself from bullshit turn off your pc x

Archil Nasrashvili says:

How do drug companies manipulate schools? I don't agree that drug companies have that much influence. The reason that energy is not thought in medicine should be ignorance/ mainsteram/ paradigm I would argue. (27:38)

Jonas Hellberg says:

How many people has this man convinced to stop their cancer treatment? How many lives are on his conscience?

Madelaine Vallin says:

Brilliant, thank you.

Kotobukicho says:

I really appreciate this video and the great editing job someone had to do on it. So, why do we age? Yes, but why does he age (and seemingly not better, or even as well as many people I've watched age)? I love his stuff, and believe most of it, but …. Some people, even exposed to HIV repeatedly, never get AIDS. They are naturally immune to it just as some people never got the plague. Is that not genetics? They thought they would get AIDS, but never did, so definitely not belief or perception. (Someone should really tell those mice to straighten out their tails.) In the end, I think Bruce Lipton became a happy and spiritual man not because of this particular revelation, but that he found his purpose–to sell and share his scientific discoveries. If someone were to disprove him, or if his heart was broken, I'd like to see him stay happy and believe he lives on heaven on earth (without this purpose). When nothing happened in 2012, Gregg Braden went about his usual day in his usual way and continued talking about his usual stuff, so …. We all want to be happy and healthy. I'm open to answers to my questions. This was a long video, and I'm sure there were parts I missed (or misperceived).

Ante Lauc says:

Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief Full Lecture
He is genius, God is talking through him. Every scientist should learn from him.

1one 1 says:

Our ancestors, the Traco-Dacians ( present territory of Romania ) had some words for the illness:
 '' You cannot heal the body without first healing the soul. "
This words was over 2000 years ago.
Glad that the science proved the truth in these days.

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