WOW!! AREA 51 The Chase Is ON! New Information Exclusive 2016 UFO Sightings

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Happy New Year Everybody This Interview With An Inside Connection To Area 51 It’s As Good as It Get’s! 1/1/2016

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Shawn Hickey says:

Is that name Challas, or Chalice? ;-}

Tony Nelson says:

and where is all proof…? its only fary tails…

Tony Nelson says:

demonic bullshit….

Vins Web says:

there are no UFO's space travel is absolutely impossible.

Keyser Söze says:

I also find it impossible to believe that a man or woman working under such serious restrictions would ever just speak openly in front of family members like she claims, let me be clear it's not impossible but it's stupid beyond belief, also she provides zero evidence, as per normal

Keyser Söze says:

Parents don't get to bring kids to restricted areas, no bloody way. I work on an Air Force base behind a basic restricted area, it's nothing special and yet I can't even sneak my dog in let alone a family member. This is just another bull shit story being fed by the mind of a fantasy driven woman, sorry but there is no chance she is telling the truth. Not to forget the biggest bs A51 story ever of Bob Lazarr.

Davey crockett says:

does she have her own web site that people can find out more info.

Connie Boaza says:

well this lady tells a good story,i guess u really need the prof before u can believe this .it just seems to be out of this world stuff

tracy tracy says:

wish they would make better contact like write me a letter or something and stick in a few pics , ha ha  just kidding I don't need anyone to tell me what real and whats not I only trust my own opinion and in my opinion we are being slowly woken up to the real reality. whatever that may be ? have faith in yourselves people.xx

Eddie Martinez says:

What about if 3000 or 5000 march to area 51? Don't think they could stop us.

John walker says:

Im sorry you're Channel is so informative but I have to ask what is the reason why all this hasn't happened yet. All this technology and people suffering worldwide .I don't go to church but this sounds luciferian to me which explains why were still suffering by man's hand.



minerjoe90 says:

nut case. brain washed at its best.

Zeiram -RCG says:

Does this Chalis chick have a blog or web site ? She's all over the board and I have a hard time following her . Would love to hear about 1 ( one ) topic at a time .

Barbara Bradley says:

Person is a good story teller. Is she one?

Zero Inertia says:

|A drug addict bullshit story can sound just as credible as this one

bradz staxx says:

Oh man ….thanks for the laugh…lo . Happy good Year !

Andy Webb says:

Aliens in URANUS is what it is.

Christian M (Mr English) says:

All these people saying this and that but never no actual evidence !

Greed Greed says:

She's telling the truth about the Tall White Aliens as Vladimir Putin said America is controlled by Tall White Aliens.

Abram Hernandez says:

Blake you are a sucker Bro. Heads up.

Abram Hernandez says:

as neigbors we hate you!

Abram Hernandez says:

Fuck you Chalice!!!!!!!!!!

Abram Hernandez says:

Fuck Chalice! She can suck my alien dick! Your all dumb fucks if you believe this nut job.

DukeRobbo_PVP DukeRobbo says:

Come on guys there is an entire Universe out there, thre has to be other life forms other than us, we cant be the only ones.

Jaye Blasphemy says:

y'all need to bring all three back & trying to make the show a special 2-3 hours of more info

Jaye Blasphemy says:

this is mind blowing I'm speechless I kinda figured that one day that somebody was going to tell the whole truth about area 51

litolarj says:

omg. how did she go from "telling her story" to talking about underground vegas bathrooms and flash guns??????? lmao see what im saying… nothing she said connects. its like shes reading a list of tropes from scifi and trying to piece together a story out of it. YOU GUYS ARE BEING PLAYED FOR FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU JUST BELIEVE EVERYONE THAT CALLS IN ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

litolarj says:

is it me or does it feel like this challace chick… like non of her sentences go with each other… or like one thing thats said has almost nothing to do with the other… or something is said and the next sentence is left field out of no where.. i dont believe her at all.

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