QTP D1 Day 1 VB Script Record Run QTP Expert View Descriptive Programming Tutorial

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Prepare our Test Plan, Test Scenario, Test Data
Identify the objects from the Application ?
Add the objects to the repository, assign logical names
write the basic code for the Test Scenario
creat our VB Script Test Parameters/Variables
Debug ?
Loops and Conditions
Apply the concepts of VB Script functions if needed
creat logic for verifying the test results from the applications

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MrDevil510 says:

what to do when object repository is pointing to wrong object for example object repositary is point to label name on agent name rather than agent name text box

rajesh mangal says:

Superb sir , i never thought scripting will be that much easy. :)

Aaratrika Pandey says:

Explained in very detailed manner….

Jacquelyn Smith says:

Great Work Mr.Karthik-Hats Off

javier Coulson says:

Great stuff

Nisha Sinha says:

Video are Awesome

Michael Hill says:

Well presented

Mahesh Kumar says:

extraordinary of it is

NHS1122 says:

Excellent QTP tutorial!!!

rajjyo1977 says:

Some one new to this like me . really helpful.

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