Mom Discovers Horrors Of Vaccination and Decides Not To Vaccinate

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Close – This mom did her research into vaccination and discovered that vaccines carry risk of permanent injury or death, and chose not to vaccinate her child. She learned that the vaccine schedule has tripled since she was a child and she doesn’t want the neurological toxins found in vaccines to be injected into her child. She ensures her child eats healthy food and treated with natural remedies and the result is that her child is healthy, bright and smart. Her child stays healthy even when the other children are sick. We don’t need vaccines to be healthy! Learn more at

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Debra Ornouski says:

yes with all the risks we need a choice, I started to vaccinate and then I stopped, my kids never get sick, I watch over and over their classmates getting sick and missing so much school.

Nicholas Landholdt says:

Vaccinations have tripled since the New World Order wants your children dead physically (or mentally by autism or zombied by poisoning. They want them in their education factories to dumb them down in their public fool systems. Monsanto wants us dead. Corporate Fascists want us dead. Larry, help me, help you. Support my We the People congressional campaign to stop Globalism and promote natural health and organic foods. Contact me at 432.934.6338432.934.6338


Amen! They are trying to use government-schooled kids as a captive market for medical experimentation and the result has been profoundly unhealthy kids — when it comes to all the allergies (peanuts – peanut oil in vaccines), autism, asthma, etc. 'Confessions of a Medical Heretic' by Mendelsohn was probably the book that started me on my pilgrimage to better health, also Dr. James Howenstine's book on natural health is excellent. And Dr. Patricia Jordan is the place to go for healthier pet information, she wrote a great book on vaccines. Keep spreading the truth!

Elaine Lewis says:

Let me just say, add homeopathy to your herbal response to illness and you will be invincible.

Elaine Lewis says:

Thanks for sharing, great story!

Amanda Stevens says:

This is a great mother! When I have children one day they will definitely be raised the natural way! I don't get vaccines and I get a cold maybe once every 2 years. It's sad to see so many children these days wth autism, Tourette's, depression, and other disorders and nobody suspects these vaccines and medications.

simcospc1 says:

I ,too,have spent hundreds of hours researching vaccines ,health,and nutrition and I fully endorse every single word this fantastic mother has spoken.

Lindy Combs says:

This woman is so brave…a true warrior. We need more and more truth-revealing like this.

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