Interior Design – How to decorate your bedroom

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This Interior Design, Interior Decorating project by Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson was posted on TDN last year but now for the first time ever seen on YouTube. Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson walks you through part 3 of this 5 part video series on a home Robeson Design team completed in 2012. This video will reveal some of the rooms most people prioritize as less important in there homes. Hallways, Stairwell, Guest room and Powder Bathroom. In Rebecca’s opinion, these rooms deserve just as much TLC as the rest of the house but are often overlooked. While its important for budget purposes to address the main living spaces like the Living Room, Family Room, Kitchen and Bedrooms, these connecting spaces are every bit as vital in creating a seamless transition and cohesive look to your home.
To fully appreciate this home…
Watch video #1… The Entry, Living room and Dining room
Watch video #2… The Kitchen and Family room
You are watching video #3 now
Come back and watch video #4… The kids spaces
and video #5… the Master Bedroom/Bathroom suite. UPLOADING SOON

Powder rooms, guest rooms, home offices and connecting hallway spaces often get overlooked when decorating your home.
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Produced and Edited by: Dorian Tucker
Videography by Matthew Moran
All music is royalty free by Premium Beats
and exclusive music provided by Jimmy Robeson

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PrecXx B. says:

amazing… god

Malinda Smith says:

Yes for towels. Beautiful home.

Jerrine Hardin says:

I would love to see some towel ideas.

Val Jalava says:

Yes I would love to see some videos on towels,also can't wait to see the Christmas Video thanks so much Val Jalava

MJTV says:

Interior design has died in the US… they haven't seen anything new since the 1960's… it's all new stuff in the house, and yet it looks like it's been there since Kennedy went to office… it's not that it's ugly.. it's just it's all seriously old-fashioned …

Monique Young says:

Towel video please as well as drapery video actually any video you can think of would be great. I have always been curious of the rule of hanging two panels on each window vs hanging one. Is there a rule? From watching your videos I'm thinking not. I'm a DIY type of designer…lol that was aiming extremely high. I'm more of a DIY decorator with a water bottle budget. So to me your videos are everything. I'm so glad I found your channel. Keep up the great work I look forward to tuning in.

chittogvitto says:

oh,those floating fish,,!
everyth is so amazing
i get really estetic pleasure watching your videos

lmark6213 says:

would love to see a video on how to showplace towels.

ümit şahin says:

these colors r too boring and too dark

sheryll moscoso says:

so pretty!!! Makes me so jealous!

Raymond Hung says:

I really need help designing my very small room and watching your videos has helped me much more than I anticipated you have talent and you have really spent it well.

Doll Red says:

Towel videos please

‫לי אשבל (עיצוב חכם)‬‎ says:

Love the little steps benith the sink, such a clever idea!

Karrie Strickland says:

What an awesome job! You my dear are quite creative. Can't wait unil I get my 5 bedroom in California. I'll be looking you!

Lori Fodor says:

Yes on the towels.  Lots of great ideas in this video.  Loved it.

Vickie Skipper says:

Love your designs! I live in North Carolina, am disabled so I can't afford your services, but if you ever need a practice place, remember me!

Horowai Broederlow says:

How did you hang the curtains without a rod? It looks amazing!

hotchocolate143 says:

I'd love to see a towel arrangement video.

Renee Clelland says:

What is the paint colour you have used on the walls? Spent months trying to match it but no luck 🙁 

jlknox11 says:

That bedroom is beautiful! 

Winnie Miller says:

I would love to see your tutorial on bath towel arrangements.

Karen Morison says:

Yes, I would love to have a video showing how to display towels. I always have trouble with that when we finish renovating a rental property. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents!

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