How to Join XBOX Live [XBOX 360 V2]

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In this video I will be showing you how to join xbox live. This is a UPDATE video.

Xbox LIVE 3-Month Gold Card

Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Card

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Yan koo says:

I love this video

Jc Quinn says:

when I hit join Xbox live it says I have to take an update so I did and then it says update failed status code blah blah blah what do I do?

latosha wylie says:

does not let me use my email

Juan Rios says:

I am just driving to your channel forever when I have Xbox 360

Juan Rios says:

Thank you

Oscar Leon says:

hey um i just got Xbox live so its free for a month

Kellykes Lover says:

I have a question or 2
1. How do I play with my friends
2. Does it cost money to play online
3. After the month free of Xbox gold , do we have to pay after that like , if we want to stop using it after the month free

FunForDaniel says:

the mc update

ginny thomas says:

is the 1 month free

Cameron Decker says:

this was so helpful thank u

Michael O'krepky says:

do you need to get xbox gold to have live?

HUNTER Killer says:

thank you for so much

Caleb Escobedo says:

it works the thumps up button works

Sedin Husakovic says:


Gerardo Villarreal says:

Nice this helped me a lot thank you very much

Jose Archila says:

thanks man☺

Christy Frear says:

Is it free

thomas Anderson says:

frik it said parent your child is sighning up for an Xbox live acount stupiiiidddd

Allan Guild says:

what's your Xbox live name

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