Forced Vaccination & World War 3 Or An Alliance of Defiance?

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Max Igan – Surviving the Matrix – Episode 247 – AVR – Jan 1st, 2016


mirakor1 says:

Dear Max, thanks so much for this video. I sincerely hope people will FINALLY WAKE UP, LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON. I hope so. They'll have to, otherwise we're lost.

Lisa Silverstein says:

The force is strong in the house of crows .

Kenneth Silvers says:

Max, I hear you on having to take the gloves off. Not sure if you remember me, but you thought I attacked you a while back, but right after you spoke your mind to me… your next show, you got all the points I was trying to make to you, and you illustrated them quite beautifully with such eloquence in that show. Thank you. I never meant to attack you. Nor did I mean you any disrespect, please forgive my lack of eloquence.

Ian Evans says:

Great show young Igan, let us not forget to turn the sheep into shepherds, WHATEVER THE METHOD WE USE!!!

informationwarfare says:

Max, they already do just take people off the street or from their homes, drug them, make them, try to coerce them into signing contracts while high and then put them in mental hospitals. This has occurred in Australia for a while.

This is the next level though, targeting the children with forced vaccinations.

They may go for adults, they may not. They may just hold out until the next generations take over while keeping the herd lulled into a sheepy sleep.

Peekay22 says:

1 Hour of great listening.

fractal corrolation says:

I hate to keep correcting fellow truthers on the forced vaccination thing, but at this stage the way has only been pave to cut off non vaccinators like myself with new born, they only in 2016 so far stop the annual $700 tax free bonus, so by 2017-2018 they will cut everyone off alltogether

informationwarfare says:

Max do you grow your own food at all? Get a few chilli plants, chillis help with chest cold.

Put chilli in your savory meals. Also mix some organic turmeric powder into your savory meals.

Martin Hill says:

Max – you mentioned MMS use with the locals while in Peru. In this Episode (247) , you indicate you were unwell during Dec – that is unnecessary ! Start using MMS on yourself ! I started MMS in 2009 and haven't been sick since – it works. It should be in everyone's first aid kit and it's dirt cheap. You are the tip of the arrow – take care of yourself damn it – we ain’t done with you yet.


Jonny Parker says:

I'm looking forward to the new x files calling out 911 as a false flag, should be a good start to 2016. We all need to hear get out there and talk to eachother. put posters up, flyers etc, get your mate whos into graffiti woken up, get you're family asking questions etc.

vinayraj87 says:

Dear Max, it is always great to listen to your calm, sensible voice. Respect & love, from India.

Rss Reader says:

i didnt think you would be doing any podcasts or what ever for a while longer, good to hear from you

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