Differences Between Programming Languages

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Visit: http://mikelev.in/ Differences between programming languages


ForDizzyAndMe says:

My first was C and C++. I guess I gravitated to them because I liked messing with hardware and microprocessors such as Arduino which is basically coded in C.

Marco R.G. says:

hey man ….. i have this idea of creating a sort of … " floor plan generator" for my job as an architect …. but to be honest i have absolutely no clue where to start to even do some reserch….. i have never done any coding before … other than maybe modifying smart components on SketchUp or creating neat macros for some videogames….. and i dont even know if that even counts…. could you give me some pointers as where to start… thanks a lot …. and sorry for my shitty english.

malwar21 says:

Beautiful explanation, thanks Mike!

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