Chemotherapy: What to Expect | IU Health Cancer Centers

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Receiving a cancer diagnosis and being told that you are going to begin chemotherapy can be a scary time. At IU Health, you are not alone. Our clinicians and staff work hard to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

Learn more about what to expect with chemotherapy and how to prepare for chemotherapy treatment in this video. If you have questions or would like more information about chemotherapy, please visit us at


quick Pro says:

1. Stop dairy n meat n seafood (nonveg) smoke n alcohol (important)
2. Eat leafy veggies only ( vitamin K)
3. Drink noni juice ( increase wbc to fight cancer)
4. Do Yoga ( increase oxygen in body)
You're cured 

Milad Bozorgnia says:

Very thorough and professionally done. Really appreciate you making this available to the public and what you do for the patients.

Taylor Criss says:

If u have cancer… And u r in the U.S…they will force u to go through chemo…REFUSE!!!!!GO TO MEXICO

chumie aziz says:

chemotherapy is good or not actually?

Theo .Getic says:

Chemo is a money maker. not a cure. Wake up.



The Protector says:

My grandmother lost her hair, got sick and even lost her fingernails due to chemotherapy (she has final staged ovarian cancer). She was told she only has 1-3 years to live. She is majorly depressed and does nothing but sleep all day. When she moves, she clearly has shortness of breath, feels sick and is in pain… So, let me ask you. Is this something you would want someone to go through to save their life, even if it is for such a short period of time?..

Organic Videos says:

lemons and marijuana is all you need. chemotherapy only is going to kill you more. brainwashed people 🙁 i feel bad for you

SportMax says:

Great informative video

Wado Loco says:

I have cancer

TimothyCoxMD says:

Many excellent points raised in this video.

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