5 Incredible Pieces Of UFO Footage Caught On Camera

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A UFO is an object that is spotted in the sky that cannot be identified. Over the years, millions of sightings have been reported and caught on video cameras. Now although most can be ruled out as fakes or Military Testing. Every know and then a video will appear that really does confuse everyone. Although those videos do not prove the existence of alien life, it definitely strengthens most peoples thought that alien do exist and have visited planet earth. Well, here are 5 thought to be Unidentified Flying Objects caught on video that are are sure to get you thinking. Sit back and enjoy!

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Toriss0703 says:

I remember number 4 happening. I live in Arizona and I was walking around my neighborhood with my two friends late at night and we all saw this bright blue-purplish light up in the sky and we were freaking out. I told my mom about it and she said "oh don't worry they said it was a middle launch"

ArmyGaming says:

Jesus it the LA thing was a middle there's a video where the guy points out everything the missile does what that thing does and they did alert the public before.

amity tryagain says:

video #3 at White Sands Missile range. If you watch the entire video, you will see this object being launched from the ground. It is, doh, a missile test. The Phoenix Lights images that are shown in this video are indeed flares, possibly staged to give plausible deniability to earlier sightings. The actual mystery concerns the sightings made earlier of a gigantic slow-moving delta-shaped craft. The rest of these videos may well be something more.

07foxmulder says:

Another theory about the Phoenix Lights is that it was a group of planes flying in formation. This is contradicted by many people who claim the lights were on one solid object-when it flew over them they didn't see stars, and by others who claim the object(s) was silent. Of course, other witnesses claim to have heard a hum from the object.
Regardless if it's real or a hoax, it's one interesting story. If it is a hoax, then that's one hell of a hoax lol

AverageGamerWill says:

I do believe in Aliens casue the universe is so large that there has to be someone/something else out there, but I don't think any have ever visited us. The whole gung-ho aspect of aliens we see in films when they come and blow us up is very unrealistic. Any aliens that were out there would probably act like us. And only attack if threatened.

Justin DeMatteo says:

Can you do a video on the Top 5 U.S. black projects?

Isaiah Vasquez says:

They did give warning on number 4. They even diverted planes and cleared the airspace so no accidents would happen

Mohammed Murad says:


The “Verse Soloing God” Beyonder says:

Guys. Number 4 is just Goku taking a night flight around Earth.

Kish kay says:

Also the quality of the 2015 and 1994 video clips had no difference….
Have they not made any better video cameras?

FUSION Xray says:

I've seen a few things myself. Great video to start the new year, Keep it up! Love it!

Francisco Tamayo says:

Who else wishes his videos were longer ha dam when's the next one

Kish kay says:

When aliens come to Earth whether in peace or hostile, I wish to be alive to see this

Victor Gonzalez says:

At the end I was waiting for that ac130 to shoot before the kill streak ran out.

PorkNCheese says:

If aliens exist and if they come to Earth, I hope they bring their dankest memes.

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