Victor Stenger Skepticon 3 The Abuse of Physics by Theist and Spiritualists

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rationalguy says:

Gotta go to Mormon doctrine to explain the bigness of the Universe. They get credit for clearing a few things up, while adding dozens of additional problems. (Our God is but one of billions, other gods rule other universes/galaxies or whatever.) Pretty much heretical to standard Christians. Also, there will be secret signs and handshakes with sentinel guard angels when you wend your way to Heaven. Better become Mormon and go to the temples to learn them, or you're gonna be screwed! You'll end up in Walmart heaven instead of Tiffany's heaven for sure! Good news, though. There's no hell.

John VW says:

Someday intelligent beings will leave our solar system; the descendants of humans..

differous01 says:

EARTH-LIKE PLANETS? We might send probes to distant stars and find many "earth-like" planets. They could be in the 'Goldilocks Zone' of their main-phase stars, of similar mass to earth, and similar chemical makeup (all low probabilities) but still find them unihabitable by us.

We could find them like earth, but during it's molten stage/[edit] too hot (like Venus now), or during its ice ball stage, or its phase without atmospheric oxygen, or having lost its atmosphere (like Mars now and, eventually, as earth will be).

The chances are we will not find anything like earth NOW; we'll be too early or too late.

Stewart James says:

Singularity bullshit again.
If you don't know anything about the electric universe you should.
Search Thunderbolts Project!

Robert W says:

Shouldn't  Jesus had have holes in his wrists to hold him up otherwise it would just tore right through flesh, No?

DRSulik says:

Pathetically small minded dogmatist.

Geir Erling Gulbrandsen says:

Quantum physics has become the new catch-phrase for religitards who wouldn't understand middle school science class, even. Funny. Some of the greatest minds on the planet are in quantum physics, but random words from their nomenclature is being abused by illiterates! It's criminal. Deepak Chopras, David Ickes and Latrina Ghettoishas ought to be jailed.

Ian Atkinson says:

Victor Stenger Skepticon 3 The Abuse of Physics by Theist and Spiritualists.

John Morris says:

RIP Victor Stenger

Daniel Murray says:

non of this helps, the main area to deal with is achieving a secular society. this is good for believers and non.

MrGrevy says:

Who designed god/allah?

MrGrevy says:

It really undermines credibility. The cutesy alternative crap went out in the 90's, please don't revive it. It's hard enough to deal with religious goofs, it does not help to have an immature squeaky voiced girl saying super-awesome. We're better than that.



Fact 1: You DO NOT have any evidence that supports the existence of your god.
Fact 2: The bible’s been proven to be non admissible as evidence for anything, overwhelmed with contradictions & open to many interpretations.
Fact 3: In order for your god to be possible, it's contingent on supernatural beliefs which again, you cannot prove.
Fact 4: Your feelings do not count as evidence for your god.
Fact 5: You’re blind with belief & closed to the reality that there’s no god.

bebobli says:

You have a very weak idea of what 'proof' is.

bebobli says:

Is symmetry really the best reason you can come up with for the existence of your deity? That unless Allah is there to make it happen, nothing would ever be symmetrical? Well I do not share this ridiculous belief. You've still no evidence for such a being and are making a huge assumption about the workings of symmetry!

Howva says:

His jokes are fantastic.

Hugh Jarce says:

god i love stenger's shit jokes.

bebobli says:

Your Allah is in your head and it's obviously dumb as hell too.

jonesgerard says:

He says a singularity is a point in space,
and he thinks theists are abusing physics?

Zizka Zenit says:

10 million dollars is tiny potatoes to the Vatican.

NevilleRhysBarnes says:

A YouTube video with good sound. That's such a relief. Well done Hambone.

Speider says:

Or even better than media training classes: Get on stage more.

munstrumridcully says:

If you are going to attempt to converse in English, PLEASE learn syntax and grammar. The phrase is "15 minutes of fame" and it is not lying to articulate well evidenced physics. These same "lying" physics are what make your computer possible.

Spekti Jim says:

Stenger is a brilliant man and a fantastic writer, but (despite his ability to carry a joke) I think this talk was not as clear to the layman as it could have been. I am still confused on some of the points he raised, though I was gamely trying to keep up. Still a fascinating talk by a fascinating fellow.

Steve Ennever says:

We are Borg.

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