Top 10 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2015 (Best Super Bowl Ads 2015)

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Top 10 complete full funniest super bowl commercials of 2015! Best super bowl ads of super bowl 49!

Top 10 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2015 complete list:
10. First Draft Ever – Avovados From Mexico Super Bowl Commerical
9. When Pigs Fly – Doritos Super Bowl Commerical
8. All-Powerless – mophie Super Bowl Commerical
7. Revenge with Liam Nelson- Clash of Clans Super Bowl Commerical
6. Positive Feelings – Loctite Glue Super Bowl Commerical
5. The Perfect Getaway with Pierce Brosnan – Kia Sorento Super Bowl Commerical
4. Fable – Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commerical
3. The Brady Bunch – SNICKERS Super Bowl Commerical
2. Middle Seat – Doritos Super Bowl Commerical
1. It Will be Settled – Skittles Super Bowl Commerical

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Adrian Lynch says:

1:18 tht face

thegatesofsleep says:

Shit these aren't even funny.

madhusudhan raju says:

If you are free watch this amazing commercial funny videos

Despond says:

How PC is the world when they are almost forced to always show the animal is "alive" at the end of a risky video lol. Like how dumb do you have to be to think that's a real pig flying. Fucking humans lol.

kayla wen says:

Could u tell me the name of the commercial with the baby picture you had as the pic of the video

verticalsmurf says:

Where is the funny? Sure two million views because of the title and the promise of the top ten funniest super bowl commercials, but, no funny? you aren't backing your promise. These ads are mediocre. Were they actually shown at the game?

Amanda J. Usey says:

None of these were funny at all, guess 2015 sucked..

Zane Healy says:

only 1/10 are actually super bowl

Magic_Zach says:

#7 They took one of the most BAD*** actors in movie history and put that to the Clash of Clans game.  When the "Revenge button appears, IT WAS HILARIOUS.  That guy is in TONS of "Revenge" themed movies!

Bandana Khatiwada says:

So 2 million people came to watch ads on YouTube wow socked

KayBee says:

Where are all the comments?

Jerome Testa says:

No.1 what was that

SinkFish64 says:

When I see the final clip: By God I never knew it existed FAPTOWN IS REAL!!

Rajnish Kumar says:


Elsa Brodeth says:

the music was copy from zajcu37

Charity says:

I wonder if anyone has the name Angryneeson52 on clash of clans now.

mimi cee says:

3 is my favorite

mimi cee says:

3 is my favorite

SEEDO eandro says:

oh uhm nevermind

SEEDO eandro says:

i have a question whats the beat at the end of this video what the name

tommy snowy says:

+Dat Banana "United States… Weed… Weed.."

nichole anderson says:

You put tons of effort in this and you only get 5000 subscribers that's just not fair

COCUSER- Clash Of Clans Attacks&Defenses says:

3:12 Why not gowipe?

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