Shipping Index Hits ALL TIME RECORD LOW as Global Economy in 2016 a Disaster!

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“Shipping Index Plunges to Fresh Record Amid China Steel Slump – Bloomberg Business”
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crude oil stocks
total OECD crude oil inventories
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vincentyeo88 says:

i understand many viewers are worried about the food situation during a crisis.
3 years ago a friend of mine, who'd lived in a house with a small plot of land, had planted a papaya tree in front of his door gate that grew a few large papayas had them stolen before he could harvest them.
my friend was quite pissed off over such theft and i'd consoled him saying he didn't need to eat those papayas because he wasn't exactly hungry, but the person who'd stolen those papayas might be hungry for food.
i told him to take the loss as though he'd done a good deed feeding a hungry person.

vincentyeo88 says:

@3:28 the WTI Crude 1-Year Change chart is interesting.
currently a 2-year continuous dip from 2014 to 2015, and there was a similar occurrence from 1997 to 1998.
the disastrous Asian Financial Crisis happened from 1997 to 1998. maybe another similar crisis waiting to happen again.

San Tan says:

Peeps, I've been posting about the bulk and dry indexes for quite a spell.  I encourage you to subscribe free of charge to at least the Hellenic Dry Bulk. You MUST have to have other information from reliable credible sources – You need to see a big picture in how the pieces n parts are connected to the Big Wheels on The Wagon. Like trucking.  How our food and other stuff moves about to all of the places we like it to be at 24 x7 is in trouble.  Yes, even with fuel being relatively cheep!

John Barleycorn says:

Good report. People are ignorant to the fact that the government and the central banks cannot create wealth. Quite the contrary.

Steve Moyer says:

Thanks for the truth. I get most of my financial news from you nowadays. Keep unveiling the truth. I'll promote you.

lemondeize says:

And people are indebted to a record HIGH on credit cards, mortgages, cars etc, so they don't spend anymore and buy less and less products and services. They keep the rest of their paycheck for food and children.

ctwatcher says:

Wishing you a new year of good health, wealth if your desire, peace and happiness.
Oil industry is still strong in my area, not what it was. Too many coming here for many reasons, homeless everywhere in towns around me, not here, police won't allow it yet they're close and many vagrants too. Hard times are here, just a lot of smoke and mirrors hiding it well.

Marie Joy says:

If you can, stock up and hide it from the food police. Hard times are coming.

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