Best Funny New Banned Commercials & Ads

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These are the best funny commercials! Enjoy.


คงเดิม กตชโย says:


Lekadol Si says:

I think the creator just used the word "banned" to show up on search results and entice people to watch his video.

Bharti Sharma says:

why these ads hv been banned? these are funny

Genius cool-BOXCAT CHANNEL says:

I'm Thai I can't even remember I seen the first 2 Thai commercial before

Sanjay Kashyapa says:

OK, so these ads are all banned?

Czarna Mamba says:

Do było smutne fezka sie zakręciła :C

mrsSockmonkey211 says:

That's just fucked up y u kill them

Camden Cook says:

Those geckos had something ;(

russionanacho says:

Those geckos got me in tears man what the hell man I don't even speak Spanish man what the hell

dalancey shadowLPS says:

And hopefully last

A hi says:

Second weird

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