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Captain Disillusion outsources the task of debunking a new UFO video to a tape of an old TV show.

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How It’s Faked segment:
Written and Directed by Alan Melikdjanian
Narrator – Phil Marlowe
Hoaxer – Louis Pappas

See Louis in ‘The Last Hit’ – http://www.hulu.com/search?q=The+Last+Hit

The Flex Rig by CGCookie.com


DonaldDrake Machines says:

Every video here is gold!

TheeApexPredator says:

Why are you not verified yet???

quollism says:

came for the Caminandes video, stayed for the How It's Made parody. nice one!

Shawn Meilicke says:

Every video is better than the last. I wish your channel could scoop up all the views instead these crappy hoax videos…

MPOEO says:

I hope you become big again, Thanks alot for uploading, 1 more year, and your channel becomes 10 years old :)

Janppa says:

New vid! Instantly liked

Harji Kalbuadi says:

Love the ugly music on the How It's Faked segment.

Subparanon says:

Every time a fake gets a view the captain sheds a single tear.

Subparanon says:

YAY! Christmas came late but I got my present. New vid!!!

UFO of Interest says:

Just a word: AWESOME!

Mew says:

Did you actually get the "How it's made" guy to voice this? If yes amazingly awesome!

dragonslayer1483 says:

i adore this channel…

Ron DLH says:

Great job, keep up the good work! Happy new year to you too

Timmo Warner says:

Wow, your most elaborate video yet, I think!

Thanks for the awesome year of videos! Entertaining and smart!

Scorpionwacom says:

That sectoid was trying to eat Captain alive! Call XCOM now!

Trillyana says:

Do you ever make a video about something a lot of people think is fake proving that it isn't?

Lazy Game Reviews says:

This is amazingly well-done, haha. That cracked CS2.

StraightUpFerret says:

This was awesome!!!!

Daffa Jabbar says:

Finally new vid captain lol

DKshad0w says:


Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French says:

Very cool.

Pat Jackman says:

Captain D? Captain Big Flappy Wonga D more like. You rawk!

The Dark Loon says:

0:11 2spooki4me

Marshall Collins says:

$o can we see a follow up story with this character dealing with incarceration?

Daniel Tittyfish says:

great video as always!

Campingsimon says:

Easiest sub of my life

Me Auntie Nora says:

But if he knows so much about how to fake things and other stuff, isn't it just logical to start to think EVERYTHING is fake?

Dellaluna13 says:

CaptainDisillusion, check out UFOTheater's videos! He also debunks loads of bad UFO video hoaxes.

StormBringer1966 says:

Uno de los mejores Capitán Desilusión.

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