Space Engineers – Fire Control System Programming

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With all the possibility of the programming block we take a look at Fire Control System that allows your custom built turrets to track fire and lead moving targets in a simple script.

This is a showcase and tutorial world for the Gun Fire Control System Script. The script is available here:

Please visit the above page for full instructions on how to use this script.

Video example:

This showcase includes the following:

– All the parts of the Gun Fire Control System (programmable block, timer block, GFCS director and text panel, BlueG_Radar components, plus all three toggle timers)
– 5 controllable turrets (two with 37mm CSD Autocannons, one with 128mm Pak guns, and two vanilla gatling turrets)
– 2 ships as target practice
– Instructions on how to use everything

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Space Engineer is like a mixture between Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program.

The main purpose of the game seems to be building a space fleet and fight/ally with the other factions. You build your ships piece by piece and the only know limit for the size of your ship is what you computer can handle.


ArticulatedHypernova says:

Can you make it so it doesn't lead the target automatically?

bohba13 says:

This is much like a centralized fire control system used in war ships in real life. Have several of these like in real life and you have a way for a single player or the AI to operate an entire battery of guns

Vilnius Nastavnik says:

Anyone know if this will work the batch base game large ship turrets together?

AlphaSquadZero says:

If scripts can make function custom turrets, then surely we have the technology needed to make fully automated drones of every type.

John Jamrog says:

soo basicly have a big station with turrets all over the place and tell them to engage on one single enemy frieghter 1 KM away and kill it?

Zachary Caviness says:

US navy FC here… I want this game.

r3dp9 says:

1.Is this practical on a server battle? Preferably PVP.

2. Is there a way to manually set how much the target is lead by? If the turrets track movement direction and the human only tracks lead distance I imagine you'd get a turret more accurate than pure aimbot or pure human.

3. Can a zoomed in turret camera be used to keep a moving target on screen without touching the controls? Multiple LP uses such as a "Enemy fighters on screen" moments.

rossmum says:

I've been waiting for something like this for ages.

alpha derp says:

Can you make a 18th century battle with any cannon but have to be on the side

Jack Molyneaux says:

I cant seem to get this to work. Built everything, used the script. Built the radar (though have no idea if its working). Anyone fancy adding me on steam so i can try and go through it in game???? Any help would be much appreciated

Herp Derp says:

4:03 Center of mass? Yeah, bit of a design flaw there. A donut shaped ship could just go and completely demolish your turrets easily without any problems.

Meltafire says:

It's very interesing script. I bet this fire control guidance can be easily reproduced as a control block for a guided missile. As I understand script can see a center of mass of a target? So we juct need to replace this rotors to gyros! Someone please contact author of a script!

Digital Fear says:

holy thing ever.

Nil Chaos says:

how does it detect the targets from that far away? sensor range sucks?

M34T says:

Yay, more stuff you can't do anything with in game. Waiting about a year so far for npc's and planets. Too bad rotors still screw ships up while flying, so this really only works on a station, to shoot at what exactly? Just play From The Depths, It's 1000 times better with combat that actually works! It even has this function built into the game, and you can adjust any of your weapons to attack exactly what you want.

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