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http://www.44FOREX.com FREE FOREX ROBOT, Easy Instant Profit, No Experience Needed, 100% Free Forex Trading Robot Software. Detailed Installation Manual


bilal ahmed says:

sir This mailing list is not currently active.
for downloading of this software

Dor Bachar says:

fishy af jesus christ don't get near this

James oBrian says:

Can you try the same for vertexfx trader or convert it from MQL to VTL?

Mark Corpus says:

anything named automated system or trader is just waste of money

rachid lafhil says:

scam scam scam scam scam , fuck you……………

Dennis M. Stinnett says:

forget this video guys, check this out,

Tong Vue says:

i try to down load this software but it doesn't work. can you tell me how do i down load it

Mr Will says:

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Louis Willis says:

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alfioled says:

The robot does not work in real why. Someone please answer me thanks .

Elmo Burgess says:

Forget indicators and technical analysis, see and repeat, all shown here +Philip Doak

Medo Amigo says:

It didn't work with me … few cents to earn is not a big deal on the M1

undekegamisou says:

last part of video got cut off…..it says in a spastic broken english./russian voice….."the robot will now suck your account dry"

tabaTV says:

what should the initial deposit be?

tabaTV says:

hello, how does it work? can we also have the code? just to see if the robot is legal I do not wanna go to jail xP

Thanks for your effort it works nice in the Strategy Tester

MySharty says:

I have been using this robot for a while now and i works great on most trades. But it seems to close some trades when they are in minus, eventhough the trades are on a winning path!

Are you guys having this problem? Is there any solution to this problem? 

Cezary Krol says:

%100 loss, nonstop loss (trial account)

Dr Lawri Rutherford says:

u sound like a robot

Stephen Summers says:

Yeah I am having iffy results when back testing this robot… :/ I just can't figure out why it gets stuck in this loop with the error 134. Its pretty much ruins this robot…

Stephen Summers says:

Seems like once it has the "Ordersend Error 134 – Err_not_enough_money" it gets stuck in a loop and wont make anymore trades. Wonder if this is because of the open trades? I'll try to fins out…. :/ But at this point there should be A LOT of money in the account. I am wondering if it's the open trades that it sometimes just leaves hanging and are adding up in negative??

Stephen Summers says:

One weird thing I am seeing is on the back tester using a $50k account, if I watch the journal I see a bunch of weird errors popping up. like "not enough money to sell 43.00". I assume that means 43 lots which is just insane! I think there was an option to restrict the lot sizes if I remember but part of how it make its money is buy multiplying the lots on top of itself. So by restricting the lots you might be cutting yourself short. But would be comfortable with these gigantic lot sizes? I wish there was a range. I also wish there was directions to how to optimize this robot. There is just a bunch of abbreviations in the settings….

I googled the error code I keep getting and I get this:

Ordersend Error 134 – Err_not_enough_money

If you are getting the Metatrader 4 error: Ordersend Error 134, it means you do not have enough money in your account to place an order with the given lot size. What should you do?
 Ordersend error 134 tends to happen a lot when people code expert advisors with a money management style that increases lot sizes such as Martingale. Eventually the lot size gets too big and you do not have enough margin to place the trade. This can also happen over time if your account balance gets too low or if you select too large of a lot size.

jaco de jager says:

what mt4 are you installing does nt seem to work i cant install this doesnt work as in video

Kent Yecyec says:

how many fair this EA can Handle?

Mark Corpus says:

just crap
stay away

MySharty says:

Hej this software is amaizing thanks for sharing.:D i have been using it for some days now with a free account and it works great. But I created a live account just to try it out, but I can only get one position at a time when trading with the robot. But on the free/fake account i get multiple positions both short and longterm – can anyone help me please?

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