Interior Design Trends

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INTERIOR DESIGN – The Southern Girl shows you the Interior Design Trends for 2015, what you will be seeing in your local stores and how you can incorporate them in your home.


NaturalMarieMoon777 says:

I really enjoyed your video. can you also do a video on old Hollywood glam as well?

Mango Steen says:

Animals are NOT furniture!

Irisi Perle says:

Animal Heads on the Walls, Animal Skins on the Floors, Horns and other Animal parts are Out of Trend and Not Fashionable. Cecil the Lion was Beautiful Alive. The Animal Kingdom dead is not Beauty. Otherwise, I appreciate your video.

Dave Kos says:

I love your lips

Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

This was interesting. Nothing new under the sun, I've subscibed and look forward to your videos. Thank you.

atudublog says:

Great video, I loved it! xoxo


Such  A wOnDeRfUl ViDe0! tHnKS fOr sHarInG AND I appreciate the time that you dedicated  to create it! love your taste BTW!

shav anar says:

What was everything done in 1976 lol

Syrus Cloud says:

great video! but to be honest, I watch them because of your accent/slang XD too good 😀 <3

Sophia Albert says:

nice video….you do u refer so much to 1976 haha

a kazzuo says:

OMG im new to your channel and i love it. I also like to have those magazines from the 70 and 80 with styles that i like. Im an old soul 

Julia Perry says:

I am a muted floral with lots of greenery and light. I like understated accents with black and white art or lighter colors in my art. I love lamps and proper lighting is the best accent ever! I love timeless and stay away from animal prints because  they make me uneasy in my home. I like the more zen feeling of simplicity but not boring. I love collections in homes because they tell a story about the person there. I do not like small little things on every table top and feel less is often more if you are not design savy.I love and collect decorative boxes; beautiful books; plants with varying greens and finishes with some shine. A beautiful mirror or clock is more my speed. I don't like anything busy that draws my attention too long but rather a flow of peaceful and gentle feel. I spend the majority of my money on lamps-shades-throws-pillows and mirrors. The decorative aspect of any beautiful space is who it represents. I prefer a room that whispers welcome over one that screams hello! Each individual must choose for themselves what they like after exploring who they are and how the space should reflect them. I refinish a lot of furniture because the older items have deeper drawers and much more identity in the character they express in a room. One statement item should not be overwhelmed by another in competition. Know when to stop and find a place rest of the eye on your chosen focal point. Don't give up until you find your space pleasing to you. THis takes time. The rewards are endless.

LuckyCharmStudio says:

Great balance of photos and commentary, Southern Girl. 

Anastasia Morgan says:

I love the way you bring the past and the present showing that nothing is really new though updating is always good. Thanks

kelly knowles says:

Great job on the video but animal prints? Uh..Screams ghetto in my opinion. I have always hated it. 

Gina's LifeStyle Living says:

Fantastic illustrations…I actually have a few of those Architectural Digest from the 70's as those were my teen years!… Great job!

lennysvibe says:

Excellent video!!!

Kavingrig says:

great job, thanks!!!

Stephanie Sohl says:

Right…because nothing says fashionable like murdering an animal for vanity.

Rhonda Mckinney says:

totally like this video:)

OutSidrQQn says:

Wow, love the comparison!

J Craig says:

Great video…on point. I'm a home stager and now a new subbie…keep them coming. Cheers!

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