Can the U.S. Avoid a RECESSION in 2016? Global Economy is in MELTDOWN!

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Rhino Horns says:

The beginning of the end started on December 16th, 2015. 2016 will be very interesting.

hag12100 says:

President Obama must be the dislike again.

vincentyeo88 says:

don't go laughing all the way to the bank.
i think it's best to withdraw all your cash from the bank and walk out laughing all the way from the bank.

ctwatcher says:

Obama's vacations are bankrupting us! We have lots of ink here, I don't see people doing anything to stop govt. I see them drinking Starbucks paid with credit card because they must have some good life too! I just turned my TV box down and close to turning off internet. I have no smart phone.
Recessions don't seem to bother us. We just bend over and pay for the banks to survive. Take a nation, drug them, poison them through air and water and this is what you get. Amerika.

lemondeize says:

Chemical Group Dupont will lay off 1,700 employees in Delaware, Sears closing stores one by one, and the list goes on…

TheCoingeek says:

In 2016 the main stream media in the US will push the economic recovery is going fine. The US dollar will most likely make more gains. Monetary systems in the US usually change every 30 years or so. We have been on the same system for 44 years. I agree. A new monetary system is coming. A+ thumbs up David. You are a gem.

Vention1MGTOW says:

The economy is doing great for me. I chose a career as a heavy diesel truck mechanic mostly because it's an extremely stable job. Even if we had another great depression I'd still be working. Also, bitcoins are doing great this year. I'm up about 18 thousand dollars in the last 3 months. My precious metals are still in the shitter of course but I expect them to go up dramatically over the next 3 years. Other than that, guns, ammo, food, water, water purification, backup power, 9 fruit trees and productive gardens with plenty of room for garden expansion in my half acre yard. I do burn up a bit of ammo each month but that's just the cost of being prepped. Since I took advantage of economic cycles to cash out on precious metals when they were high, then bought my house in 2012 when it was low, then sold my paid off rental condo this year (when it was high), I now only owe 60k on my house. And in 3 years the economic cycle should push precious metals up dramatically enough that I'll be able to payoff what's left of the mortgage on my house. Remember guys. Buy precious metals (mostly silver) when they're low (like right now) and sell metals when they're high, like in 2011 or in about 3 years. Then move the money into assets that have been pushed down by the crash such as stocks and real estate. Then when the recovery part of the cycle completes, get out of stocks and real estate and go back to precious metals. Oh and one more thing. If you've got balls as big as I do, you might consider buying some bitcoin too. They might be too scary for some of the pussies out there but if you've got balls, bitcoins should produce some good profit for you over the next decade or so.

San Tan says:

Technically we're still in a recession and never came out of it.. what we're going to have is a "depression" of historical size. I suspect by June 2016.. the housing market will be 2008 on steroids.

elinor s says:

Insightful input….Thank you again.
However, CASH is going up and is likely to be the best place to be when the stock market and real estate market is going down. Major Investment specialist have said, in this environment, cash will be king…until it is that is the difficult call.

Paige Eubanks says:

Very good advice thank you

Wesley Veras says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge .. im starting to invest in silver and gold now ..

Raven Rock67 says:

"The sky is falling!!! The sky is falling!!!"

Malx IX says:

New year, new superpower, new financial systems…..

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