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Part 2 of our round up of the best Golden Buzzer moments this year! Are your favourites here?

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Percy and Maisey says:

I love puff the magic dragon

Myles Vinther says:

The dog makes me cry


wtf que top porquería

Slashgarceran says:

I´m sorry, but the first one was HORRIBLE!!

Ian Terrance says:

#10 was : Bad sound system, Stand up awkwardly half way the performance, gold buzzer half way the performance was wtf… and the contestant?? Sounded horrendous…

Wezza Games says:

number 2 was absolutely amazing he was so nice

Baddz Yankee says:

Half of the acts are not worth a golden buzzer, some judges are just moved by the life story or situation but the actual talent is missing,sorry but its just my opinion,write yours 2

Samad Bensahla says:

she is good

randomdancer9606 says:

number 10 was shit tbh LOL

Gabe markey says:

Did they really think # 10 was good, or was that a joke

Eureka Squared says:

The second act was mind-boggling!

Yoits Jimwell says:

The host can press the golden buzzer?

Eva Playter says:

I love dogs so that one was my favorites

unknown unfortunately says:

number 1 was the best


Song at 4:20 ??

ducksruledaworld says:

The first one sucked

Risulko SK says:

Mirror family :3

Demon Chamber Elite Shadow says:

The last one was one of my favourites of all time. It deserved the Golden Buzzer more than all of the other ones I've seen get a Golden Buzzer.

TonyAbbottIsACunt says:

Tbh None of them were that good. :/

Aisha Farouk says:

I didn't really like the N#1 it was the worst of all

Gombo J.L says:

what does the golden buzzer do? Does it mean u automatically win the show or sth?

Ben Foran says:

wtf 9 sucked

sydney cen says:

I love piff

sydney cen says:

What is the song called

sydney cen says:

I loved the last one

sydney cen says:

That guy is good

Lester Johnston says:

Your right about that :)

Maya Mia says:

I don't get the last one

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