The most suppressed cancer treatment the government doesn’t want you to know about

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This video is based on a true story.

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A few studies cited from the book:
“Arrest of mammary tumor growth in vivo by L-arginine.”

“The effect of parenteral injection of synthetic amino acids upon the appearance, growth and disappearance of the Emge sarcoma in rats”

“Prevention by arginine glutamate of the carcinogenicity of acetamide in rats”


irish l says:

good looking and smart. need to find me a man like him.

Goku says:

You have earned yourself a sub. Thanks.

Sean S says:

Thank you for your education. I reversed diabetes by just juicing. Our medical establishment are a bunch of brain washed drones.

Tony Maynard says:

Pharmacia a Greek word means sorcery and witchcraft in English. This means the doctors and nurses dish out potions and concoctions of witchcraft and sorcery. What are people called who do this. Witches and warlocks as in Harry Potter. This has become main stream today and normal. Alternative medicine which was used for thousands of years is now called quackery. It is a world gone mad where wicked is good and good is wicked. Shalom

Brianna James says:

You are stunning, really. One of the most gorgeous men I've ever seen, haha. The fact that you present this information I agree with is a major bonus.

Kudos, man! Gorgeous! :)

Matt Greenwood says:

There is more money to be made in the treatment of cancer,
They don't want a cure, profit is more important then the quality of life.
Corrupt politicians are paid off by corrupt businessmen. .

Matt Greenwood says:

Youtube are asshole and don't let users copy and paste their discussion.

UpInSmokeeee says:

The government all of them hypocrites are pieces of scum so is the FDA 2

Cheef Pacquiao says:

youtube channel: ihealthtube

Ron Winslow says:

Greed and political payoffs is whats keeping real cures from being put out.

Grandpa the Grey says:

It's ALL about MONEY. If Big Pharma actually allowed the CURE for cancer, they'd loose billions of dollars. They make their BILLIONS by TREATING the disease. A cancer patient goes back time after time for TREATMENTS then dies anyway. Cuba has been using a ONE TIME VACCINATION for over twenty years. It doesn't prevent cancer, but if a person does develop cancer, it localizes the cancer cells in one place which makes it easily operable to remove. Congress is in the pocket of Big Pharma & Big Oil. They could care less about saving lives as long as the MONEY keeps rolling in.

Snap Quartimon says:

I know this is way off topic, but you're kinda hot lookin'…

Larry Robertson says:

look into urine theropy, and cure your cancer in 2 weeks

Vegandragon says:

the Gov. and big pharma lie thru their teeth chemo and radiation should be the alternative NOT natural therapies but western society is brainwashed to only believe in conventional medicine, it's all bullshit.

TheGg1117 says:

Anyone who talks about natural cures is sent to prison.

"Kevin Mark Trudeau (/truːˈdoʊ/; born February 6, 1963) is an American author, radio personality, infomercial salesman, entrepreneur, pool player, and convicted fraudster who has promoted various health, diet and financial remedies that many critics consider unsubstantiated. Several of his books, including Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About, allege that both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the pharmaceutical industry value profit over treatments or cures. He is currently imprisoned since 2014 at Federal Prison Camp Montgomery following allegations of contempt of court and is scheduled for release on July 18, 2022.[1]"

James Rapai says:

Tumorex. L – ARGININE That's what this bloke is talking about.

Justin Van Dyk says:

People do not emit energy and if there was all these amazing cures you know people like Steve Jobs and other multi billionaires would be living forever and would look great. That doesn't happen because there isn't miracle cures and if people like Jobs would have just followed the doctor's advice instead of going all vegan and hoping that will cure it they would have survived because of the constant innovation of medical science which builds upon itself.

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