Responsive Web Design: Navigation

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A look at a common responsive navigation design pattern that you might want to include in your projects.

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Luna says:

thank you for the tutorial, but the menu doesn't work. its remain closed. can anybody help me or if someone has code please send that to me

TheParaSIET says:

Thank you for this great tutorial! It worked fine for me ;)

allaninsunderland says:

My menu does not toggle and my code is an exact replica…

Huong Hoang says:

You should put a(tag) in li(tag)"<li><a></a></li>"
thanks your video.

Akil Forde says:

As soon as i put the max height to 0 the nav messes up, anyone know why?

Bodyskillz2011 says:

but how you make that icon so that the menu dropdown when u click it ? instead of just making a <div>menu</div>

Rebekah Jarrett says:

Thank you so much!!

Daniel Aspinwall says:

you sir, are sound

Коля Калмыков says:

But it doesn't work! Transition doesn't work, and menu remains always closed. Somebody, please help me!

Muhammad Ahmad says:

How can I access the Sublime Text Voodoo?

Jash Montenegro says:

lost it in dev tools nav does not respond the same way. I only had 2 rows.

Appocalyps says:

the pointer doesn't show up and if i make my window smaller the menu shows up but it isn't clickable can you help me with this i want to use this for my school website.

Cook Marley says:

Responsive Web Design: Navigation
How can i use both menu and the hamburger menu on my website?

Francisco Javier García García says:

I checked in mobile and it doesn´t work, could anyone help me what is necesary to add?

Lahmer Za says:

thanks bro ! it finally works ! u must check your syntax if u encountred any problem with jquery !

Cameron Stone says:

Why not just tell us how to make the icon?

Mer Igos says:

how did you came up with 20em..?

marjon barro says:

where is the Icon bar?

sverkel says:

Thank you for the guide! But can you please tell me how I get the menu selector to stay on top instead of going to the end of the list?

Jack Alford says:

I've followed this exactly but the toggle handle is not working at all it just doesn't expand. can u help me out here

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