How to Study for Biology

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Enjoy. I’m sorry about my voice being low, I was using my iPad at the time. Skip to 9 minutes in for the real stuff.


Trinitro phenylnitramine says:

you women should be doing well in science and math courses as lecture type environments are more catered to your way of learning.

Trinitro phenylnitramine says:

biology is much easier than physiology. I really regret that I've taken physio before bio as bio builds on with chemistry to culminate in physiology.

mrzrollins says:

thanks. i will implement ur ideas n see if that helps. especially reviews my notes right after lecture. I'm not doing well n my biology class right now. i really like biology However i feel so overwhelmed that I'm irradiated bcyz i want to get it so bad

Wesley Richardson says:

youre very introverted and timid i love it

Cheshire Erlinberts says:

where are u from? what's the name of your school/college? :3

darshil hirani says:

what is your name

LordEpiCx98 9 says:

thank you so much, this video helped me a lot ^_^

Dr Bin Laden says:

Talk louder cunt

Jane Adams says:

Am sorry it must be just me but i can barely hear u even on headphones

Islam Rozybayev says:

hi i want you to ask !? should i take fundamentals of Biology or General Biology!?

Abdoulaye Diarra says:

whats the name of the book you were showing at 11:20 rally wanna get it

Ravin Adarsh says:

Thankyou so much …… sister….I hope Its very useful to me…….

FFPRO1 says:

Thank you soooo much, this really gave me some serious confidence and to try harder :)

Mathew M John says:

Thank you so much for the video…helped me a lot.. 🙂 !!

Skyla Sugar says:

I know this video is 2 years old, but I'm going to start applying to colleges in 3 months and I'm going to major in Biology, so this has really given me an idea of what classes and studying will be like. Thank you so much for making this video!

Samir Shah says:

Can u give your pharmacy details

Menaka Harjani says:

PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS! You're Awesome, Helpful, and SUPER Nice!

Shaun Finn says:

"ask" is a pretty complex verb. However, you should ask yourself if you pronounced the past tense "asked" correctly :p

Teddy Harrell says:

She sexy af so you already know I'm paying attention 

hamodyman says:

Cool video

Aaqib Asfar says:

hey i wanna become a famous youtuber anytips?

Rennero Bingham says:

Thank you very much, you've made my night! I will be implementing your strategies in my future studies!

Sanjay Pillai says:

Hey cool video :)

José D. Oliveras says:

Very helpful, thanks!

samuel sherman says:

yess girl pen is life:)

anon says:

THank you soo much! last semester I had to drop it before it would affect my GPA, and luckily this semester my professor is sooo much better! I never thought about the whole sticky note for each paragraph, you make it seems so easy to study. I always had a hard time studying for exams because I wasn't one hundred percent sure how to study. I also loved your idea to make your own exam! I always get nervous taking them and I feel like this will definitely help! thank you soo much! 😀 

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