Horsehair Worm Parasite Zoology

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A horsehair worm, probably Gordius, from Rock Springs, Texas.


LoneWulfHermitica says:

ok for a million views, EAT IT!!!!!!

Luke Spaghetti says:

so this is what my dad has put in my spaghetti

ryarod says:

"…These parasites attack crickets and cockroaches."

I'll take six, please. Thank you.

stacy cook says:

i have to save a kitten from this it has tons how can i save it without taking it to the pound plz help


Get that fucking thing away from me

Brahim kisame says:

me too from liveleak =D

Mohammad Wakil says:

Liveleak got me here

Felix DeLeon 3 says:

Liveleak brought me here too. Well all the mystery is shot to Hell now haha.. 

pete159159 says:

liveleak brought me here…

Ricky Sanville says:

Just cause its so small it can still kill a human it can enter the penis and if bot treated enter your vitals and cause massive pain and slowly kill you

Come Aun says:

I had one crawl out of my eye once.

Dimentio_ says:

All aboard the nope train.

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