FOREX Trading: What The Internet WON’T Tell You About Trading

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TRADING: This week’s trading video takes a look at 3 potential opportunities to get Long the EURUSD dollar. I also include a follow up to a question asked based off of last week’s video and a discussion on how the internet may have ruined your expectations on what it really means to be a successful trader.
3:00 – Equity Curve
6:50 – Technical Analysis on the EURUSD
18:18 – A Great Trading Book

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Akil Stokes
Chief Currency Analysis at Trade Empowered
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al karg says:

@Akil Stokes. Tks for sharing and being honest. Would love to hear your (more?) stories of what specifically not to do; how you manage with the "big boys" out there be they MM's, banks, with e.g.'s and etc.  Also, I'm curious how often you don't get "filled" by brokers and how u deal with that, as well as so-called "fast mkts" that (typically?) go against you rather than in your favor? (statistics on this, for vs. against?)  Do you have any "LIVE" videos where you show entry and exits, and how much time elapses in between?  tks again. [have much to learn b4 entering these DEEP WATERS of FX trading but all traders must be "in a position" someday to profit from (easy?) opportunities whenever/however they arise, in all mkts (is our motto).] @Akil Stokes.

Haskell Princeed says:

I think ANDY LANK TOOLS is better than this.


Hi Akil
what do you think about good books for trading ?
do you suggest reading list of trading?

sellars says:

The key of success is automation You can run it on AutoPilot with Binary Options software!!
No complex charts, no baffing analysis, no complecatedd methods In fact nothing to learn..
Watch here => >>

Lance Harris says:

ask yourself one question when watching any of these type videos.. "What is this video trying to sell me here?"

the b biddim says:

Does this guy actually post audited returns? Live trades?

istrael13 says:

Good video

davidsirmons says:

$2997. Hmm. How about this: Let your system prove its worth. Get peoples' payment info, work with them in realtime, and when it pays for itself plus a bit more, decrement their payment account.

Maxwell Barrett says:

Hi Akil, what software do you use?

jb0177 says:

Yes, it is a grind, especially starting with a $100 deposit. Over the past 2 months, I have built it up to $150. Few big wins and a lot of small losses.

bobby shabangu says:

Is it possible to access the platform without downloading it?  I'm using Linux, Ubuntu and I've been having issue downloading the platform.

Derek Griffin says:

Good info. I didn't have anything like this back in 2003 when I started.

Raymond Yassin says:

I preferred to manual trade. Keeping it simple. So easily to keep in track. Most of it is patience… waiting out 2 hours for 0.16 return. Not easy.

Caleb Hanna says:

I'm making 1% a day, it's possible everyone. It is…..

Viv 84 says:

Akil can you plz tell which broker should go with? i live in australia and currently practicing on demo account with FXCM. why everybody say they are scammers as i do not see anything wrong with them. Plz anyone tell me if there is any broker that i can trust or they all scam customers at some level


How much is the 12 week course?

Danny Mohan says:

hey been searching forever on the internet trying to learn how to trade forex. Do you teach as well? Is there a link to your website where i can more information? 
Thank you

Kourosh Alborz says:

the truth right here

shakaama says:

+Akil Stokes let's discuss a collab video. I'm a news channel. look over my channel, because I'm diverse. I want my viewers to see you. I day trade sometimes, forex is not my strong point though. I mainly trade commodities.

regblade1 says:

Hey Akil, what time frame do you trade and which smaller time frames do you reference?

nainjatt says:

Hey Akil, 
Since when are you trading?

CryWolf says:

you said, if you can't identify about the bearish market, and can't see the charts, trading probably isn't for you but Akil, if you have the DRIVE to wanna learn you CAN learn trading can't you, I wanna learn Forex trading, and the drive, i saw the chart and could tell the highs and lows of the market, Market is always changing ALWAYS, it's not predictable is it?

malthus101 says:

I'm dubious about calling that chart formation a Cypher or a Bat or any kind of advanced pattern! I don't see the pattern, I can see how you've fitted it, but take away the fibs and triangles and all that's left is a random chart. Surely part of patterns success is the fact that others see it too and so put on the same trade? If no one else can see it, essentially it's not there. Your thoughts please!

Joshua Billings says:

thx for the clip!!

Steven Ragan says:

Excellent commentary….you tell it exactly the way it is…my past draw downs have always surrounded risk/reward miscalculation, if you can't see the risk, lay off the trigger!  The best trading is effortless, stop trading for the day when your hacking and overtrading for breakevens and small losses.  Excellent down to earth commentary to keep guys grounded…I will be watching!  Thanks!  

Bo Hack says:

Hi Akil, great video I've been following you for a year, just finished "One good trade" last week, really great book, is there anything similar to "reading the tape" in forex trading?

Straight Edged Wiz says:

I love you. Not so much Jason. 

Menilik1 says:

Thanks man you guys have been of great support…I don't follow your trade but they give me a second set of eyes in the ones I choose to take.

vishal sharma says:

Nice video… And we do love u.. Keep up the great wrk…

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