Camel Spider Zoology (Colorado)

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If you were an inch tall, this beast would flay you alive and devour you in about fifteen minutes. It would have to chew up all your little bones and strain out the crunchy bits with bristles around its mouth.
This animal is native to Lakewood, CO. I caught it at 20th and Simms. Vocabulary: chelicerae, pedipalps, autapomorphy. An ARACHNID is characterized by having 8 legs, 2 pairs of mouthparts, 2 body sections, and a cephalic plate. They include spiders, ticks, mites, scorpions, camel spiders, whip scorpions, and daddy longlegs.
Swift and vicious, this arachnid from a Lakewood basement makes pudding out of spiders. To address concerned viewers’ dislike for “arena”-style feeding, I must remind them that this animal ONLY takes live food. Also, when you swat flies in the house, you yourself are engaging in “arena-style” combat. This video was inspired by Karl Mecklenburg.


Noah wentz says:


Justin Leo says:

What was it eating at the beginning?

featheredfan says:

Hello, I'm filming and trying to ID some of the Solifugids over here in Arizona.  Do you know the species name of this one?  Have you made any more videos about them, since then?  Thanks

L0ve_Machin3 says:

This thing is made to fuck some shit up. Hell yeah!

Magical Witch of the Southern Swamp of Woodfall says:

I thought Camel Spider's weren't spiders, but instead a type of Scorpion.

megastoejoe says:

ultimate predator, needs a robot form…

chris kinney says:

I could have sworn in the back ground noise I heard "k, I love you, bye" or my ears are fooling me.

Rivkin Ben says:

fuck you too nature

Tawnycloud557 says:

I live in Colorado, and used to get quite large ones around my house. I caught one and kept her for a while. She wasn't a terrible pet by any stretch, but had a bit of a short temper and only lived about a year. I prefer tarantulas myself 🙂

Nyghtking says:

Hmm, now that I think about it, I think the design of the frostbite spiders in Skyrim was based off of these.

Steve Johnson says:

Damn nature, you scary!!

Spokey Dokey says:

I think they use their jaws to mush the spiders up then a tube is used to suck the goo up.

Quaoar Power says:

They have a slightly different thing called a pectine.

Quaoar Power says:

Hungry, and short life span.

SirCozza says:

Why they so aggressive 🙁

traxfish says:

Don't scorpions have racquet organs as well?

Epic Wild says:

Freaky looking things, where do those giant black Camel spiders live?

Quaoar Power says:

Those are definitely fake. None of these gets longer than your hand.

Cory Cox says:

so are those pictures and videos about the camel spider being the size of a mans arm false or an they grow to be as big as the pictures and the video of the guys in the army holding one

John Jones says:

I don't think camel spiders use the typical liquify and drink like usual spiders do. pretty sure they just rip and tear and as seen here… mosh

Deathcorner says:

Good thing i just ate

AcidicKnives says:

If i saw that in my house and it got away i would burn my house down

Meredith Mitchell says:

shit guess where I live!?

NightmareRoach says:

wait is the spider actually eating the body of the other bug or is it just sucking out the juice like most spiders?

Some_Person says:

The question is, will you hold it?

Kean Darakhshandeh says:

watching at 3:20 AM…. *mosquito bites me* FUCK I'M GOING TO DIE!!!! Oh wait no i'm not, DIE FUCKER! *smashes mosquito*

Ghosthunter says:

I know how you feel. 🙂

cyanidemaiden says:

Mines a wuss -___-'.
He has trouble catching meal worms.

cyanidemaiden says:

I have one. But its only been a week so who knows.


1:13 holy fuck man, why does it go mental when it sees the other guy lmao? Just starts chasing him and going insane!

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